Our Product Quality

Dit da jow is available from a number of sources. While the quality and effectiveness of Plum Dragon Herbs and Dit Da Jow  speak volumes for themselves, let us attempt compel you further:

Cure Time

Many products on the market are only aged long enough to make usable. Plum Dragon Herbs’ dit da jow products are aged to maximum effectiveness in dark, climate controlled environments. Bottles have hand written dates designating when your jow was made. And because we bottle jow on a “per-order” basis, batches keep aging beyond the formal aging process. Between underkill and overkill–We choose overkill!

Chinese Herb Quality

Sourced indigenously, our geo-authentic herbs are sulfur-free and lab-tested for potency. We stock the freshest, highest quality herbs for dit da jow and carry a line of exotic herbs such as Hai Ma, Hai Long, Li Lu, Bai Hua She, Wu Gong, E Jiao, Gui Ban, Ge Jie and more (email us for details) If you need a specific herb that you don’t find on our site, just ask us for it. We will do everything we can to get it for you.  For all pre-made dit da jow, we employ traditional Pao Zhi to soak, fry, cook/calcine various herbs for maximum function and extraction.

Solvent Quality

Most dit da jow is made with cheap skin-irritant rubbing alcohol, or store-bought Vodka containing artificial flavoring and impurities that decrease jow purity. Plum Dragon Herbs’ dit da jow is made with the proper proof pharmaceutical-grade neutral grain spirits, independently certified to meet stringent US Pharmacopeia standards: What you buy is pure, potent and NATURAL!

No Plastic

Other products are made, stored, and bottled in plastic. Dit da jow solvent dissolves fragile plastic over time, polluting the liniment with toxic material! Plum Dragon Herb’s dit da jow is mixed, aged, and bottled in a safe, long-lasting amber-tinted glass with a safety seal.


This has become a popular facet of Plum Dragon. Each bottle of Plum Dragon Herbs’ dit da jow has a glass dropper cap for easy application; no more spills or messes. Because of its liquid nature, you’ll wonder how you ever applied dit da jow without one!

Customer Service

Plum Dragon Herbs’ and Dit Da Jow has the time and desire to please our customers! Most orders ship quickly with 2-day priority mail. We offer wholesale volume deals on many items purchased in bulk, and we constantly seek to lower prices while offering the same amazing quality. Also, being knowledgeable in Chinese herbalism and a number of martial arts, we are always happy to help customers learn about dit da jow and Chinese herbs, and how they can help YOUR training!

It has come to our attention that some online dit da jow stores have copied our customer service practices word-for-word; others have purchased our herb packs for resale (sometimes without permission). While we are flattered by these gestures, we take customer service VERY seriously. Do not be fooled by similar sounding quality or shipping statements which lack genuine sincerity, or by similar sounding dit da jow recipes being sold at similar and often higher prices–Give us a try and experience the difference!