Dit Da Jow Ingredients & Recipes

Welcome to the PlumDragon Herbs Dit Da Jow Recipe Compendium! Below are powerful dit da jow ingredients, dit da wan, and iron palm jow recipes for martial artists and athletes.

For those not wanting Premade jow or Herb Packs, we offer this resource of dit da jow recipes; while we don’t endorse all these dit da recipes, we’re happy to provide you with the herbs to try whatever recipe you’d like! Each formula is standardized to make 1 gallon.

Click the name of the recipe and the ingredients will drop down. Any herb that’s linked is one we offer in the store. (10+ oz of herbs are discounted 5%, 20+ oz are discounted 10%!)


External – Iron Palm / Conditioning

Internal – Injury

Internal – Tonic / Training

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