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I am a HUGE Ho Family Dit Da Jow fan. I first learned about jow while training traditional Shaolin gong fu and I've yet to come across a better recipe. I recently dislocated and fractured my ankle, and ruptured the ligaments. It was a pretty serious injury that would normally take months to heal. I decided to remove my plaster splint early and began massaging the jow into it every day. I still have a week to go before I'm technically supposed to get the splint removed and I'm already up and walking! I am able to practice yoga and nearly all of the stiffness is gone in the ankle. This is a none short of a miracle!! Thank you Plum Dragon for offering such amazing herbal recipes, I am so grateful for the healing!

Jennifer Caravella, Waking Bird

Website comment, February 25, 2016

This stuff is simply amazing. I got it hoping it will help me get back into makewara training, and glad I did. It cuts my recovery time to hours, instead of days. I have been using it for the last 3 weeks – it works just as described: reduces bruising almost instantly, relieves pain and swelling very quickly. Also, the smell is very pleasant. I highly recommend this product, you will not be disappointed! Last but not least, thank you guys so much for the quick shipping to Canada. After trying this product, I ordered a gallon herb pack as well. Many thanks, Plum Dragon.

iliamelamud, December 22, 2015 - Website Comment

Pre-aged White Dragon Iron Palm Dit Da Jow

I used 4 types of jow each a bit different for a shattered shoulder, which was told by a [S]wedish specialist needed replacement ball and socket upper humerus. It took about 1 year before I could use my arm, lift it above my head. Zero surgery zero opiates, used a myrrh , frankincense resin plus mixture internal under tongue. The jows helped heal my ball and socket external use only. It is a miracle treatment to say at the very least. Excellent. Highly recommended!

Ken Garland

Facebook Comment, August 12, 2015

To start off, I am the owner and chief instructor of Hat City Martial Arts in Danbury Ct. We teach a Korean style called Cheezic Tang Soo Do. I have been using Dit Da Jow from Plum Dragon Herbs for about 1 year now. As far as I am concerned this is the closest thing to a miracle cure that there is. Any pain or injury I have instantly goes away within 1 day when I use the Jows on it. I have noticed that lots of people seem to want the final product to be filtered so it does not clog the eye dropper. If you do this the jow will not continue to get stronger with time. When I use it, I shake the bottle up and let it sit for about 1 minute before drawing out the Jow with the eye dropper. Most of the herbs will settle in that time and any that do get into the eye dropper do not give me a problem. Just dispense the jow slowly into your hand so it does not splatter. The herbs that make it to your skin only help to heal your injury faster. I can't say enough how impressed I am with the product. Everyone I get to try it is hooked on the results. Truly amazing stuff. There is something to be said for over 1,000 years of trial and error in developing the correct mixtures.

Matthew Miller, Owner and Chief Instructor, Hat City Martial Arts, Danbury, CT

West Redding, Connecticut, United States

I purchased the herb pack of Bruise JIUce and have been aging it. After some tiger blocking, forearm conditioning, I noticed a hefty bruise on my fore arm over the weekend. I applied some drops Sunday and worked it into my arm. Put a few more on and wrapped my bruise for the evening. The second day I could see the blood breaking up under my skin and moving away. Wednsday Morning I saw the bruise is nearly gone, save for a little yellow mark where it was.
This is beyond my expectations for what a Jow can do.
My only complaint is that "GOOD" is not an acceptible rating, I would like to see "AMAZING" "BEYOND BELIEF" even "AWSOME".
Get the Bruise JIUce and keep it on hand for your bad boo boos.

Nicholas Potocki

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States


Michael Shipman and Anthony

Combat Nation

This is a GREAT Jow! I recently injured the tendons in my right elbow and pulled a muscle in my back. I started using the Ho Family Dit Da Jow immediately following both injureis and the symptoms are almost gone (a week later). I'm a massage therapist, so I'm always twisting and turning my body to get into position to do deep massage work. Unfortunately, I sometimes injure my own body in doing so. I use the Ho Family Jow right after I get home from giving a massage and I'm in great shape the next day! The Jeet Kune Do Jow is also wonderful! In addition, Plumb Dragon Herbs has the best customer service. Everything that I have ordered in the past two years has always arrived on time or earlier. Great Jow, Great prices and Great customer service. What more can you ask for?

Phil Mandley, LMT

Frankiln, Tennessee, United States

Greetings to all. My name is Andrew Pannullo. I'm an LMT in NYC with a background in HIT
Circuit training and Aikido and last few years with more emphasis on Qi Gong and meditation. Over the years I've used Ho family Dit Da Jow on an assortment of different injuries [related to exercise and training] with remarkable results of lessening inflammation and quickening healing time. In addition I have used this Ho Family Dit Da Jow on many coworkers sprained ankles and wrists from daily activities. So I always keep a bottle of
Ho Family Dit Da Jaw in my backpack with a generous supply of assorted bandages and pads.

Andrew Pannullo

LMT, Personal Trainer (HIT) Aikido instructor/QI-gong practitioner

I just wanted to say that your jeet kune do jow is AWESOME! Last Thursday I took a knock like I never had in my life. Smash kick practice: My long-legged friend was coming down while I was on my way up. His heel to my shin and the whole class heard it! After the white spot finally started to dissipate, the swelling and bruise came within minutes. By the time I got home the bottom half of my leg was swollen enough that it looked deformed from the side and I was limping. I put the jow on twice that night, wrapped it with an Ace bandage, and by morning the bruise was already faded to just a touch of blue, the swelling was pretty much all gone, and there was only a little pain left!
So hats off! Your jow is most excellent and thank you for making it! My husband and I look forward to using your iron bone jow when we start iron bone training this winter!

Alicia Brewer

Tempe, Arizona, United States

I study Choy Lay Fut and have been using dit da jows for many years now, and Josh's is definitely the best. For the past year too I have started training in Muay Thai, all of the hard sparring, pad work and kicking the heavy bag and constantly checking leg kicks with my shins often leaves them bruised and swollen.
This JKD dit da jow helps tremendously with the pain and relief, allowing me to get back into full training mode in no time!!! Also great for da sam sing and overall arm conditioning.
Also worthy of note is my room mate who plays on the USC indoor soccer team, he actually has some knee problems in his right knee and I told him to try and use this dit da jow when he is in pain. He didn't believe it would work at first but then he kept using it and told me how great it is, so take it for what it's worth.
Josh is the man and his jow are the best.

Milo Xu

Los Angeles, California, United States

[Jeet Kune Do formula] Great jow for limb knocking and iron bone, I have found it especially helpful for shin and forearm conditioning, really helps chase off any niggling aches and pains and destroys bruises in no time. Another fantastic plum dragon product, well done guys!

Adam Phillip

Somerton, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

[Great Mender Dit Da Wan] I've been combining this product with Gecko Tonic and together it's doing amazing things! I'm currently battling tendinitis in both elbows and low back strain. These injuries are related to strenous martial arts training and have been nearly constant for a long time. After just about a week on these two herbal combinations I have approximately 30% reduction in pain. That may not sound significant, but it is simply amazing! I've tried MANY different products for joint pain and I've been disappointed with all so far. This works and I'm VERY impressed! I can't wait to see the improvements in a couple of months!

Dr. Branson

drbrans@comcast.net Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

After reading the Materia Medica for Martial Artists, I was inspired to expand the use of external therapies with the management of injuries in my own clinical practice, and I have been very pleased with the results. This book is an example of the kind of book needed to ensure a faithful and creative transmission of Chinese herbal medicine, both to martial artists and to practitioners of Chinese medicine wishing to extend their abilities and clinical effectiveness.

Bob Asbridge

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, United States

WOW. It's hard to imagine training without this stuff [Comprehensive Iron Palm Tonic] after using it for 3 weeks. I have trained diligently in Iron Palm for the better half of a decade, and I condition my hands at least once a day on average, year round. This stuff has allowed me to train harder and I really cant say enough good things about it. I have tried several other internal formulas with my training, including 'seven seeds', golden lock tea pills, great mender, gecko tonic, and a few others. This one works the best for me. Its effects are powerful, yet it doesn't give me the 'heated up' feeling a lot of other tonics do. It just makes me able to train more often, and hit more times. I opted for a better ginseng in mine. I don't think I'll ever part ways with this stuff now. It is THE best internal formula I have ever used. I wish I had 10 gallons of the stuff!!

Nathan Mangile

Tahlequah, Oklahoma, United States

I am a practitioner Of Uechi-Ryu, a hard okinawan style Karate. As part of our training, we perform kote kotae (arm pounding),ashi kotae (Leg pounding) and use makiwara just about daily. I can't begin to tell you just how upset I am for not finding this stuff sooner. The way we train of course causes bruises. When the bruise heals, we then resume training.
WELL! for the first time I have not had a bruise! The soreness on the area I pounded was so faint that I was able to continue training the next day. I will never again continue my Karate training without this Jow. This isn't Holy Land water from tap. This works. I will be loyal to this site!

James Lochard

East Hartford, Connecticut, United States

I have been studying and teaching Taijiquan for over a decade now, and the past five years or so introduced me to Iron Hand and it's myriad benefits to the serious martial artist. I came across Plum Dragon Herbs while searching for a good jow to use, as I had otherwise been limited to browsing the local Chinese herb stores and trying to find the herbs specified in the recipe I had been given.
Over the years I have found Josh to be unfailingly humble, gracious, and ever forthcoming with both extensive knowledge and advice on various forms of training, different herbs to help for given situations, and different formulas for specific kinds of training and circumstances.
What you see written in the description about the Ancestors' Advanced formula is absolutely true, and I will vouch for all of it, having utilized it in my own training on a lead shot bag. When used with proper massage and training, this formula is pretty much as good as it gets for iron palm training, and you would be hard pressed to find a better 'all around' jow for iron hand conditioning and related qigong.
I would also like to enthusiastically repeat what has been said about the service of Plum Dragon Herbs, and reiterate the fact that I have been a customer for several years, and there is definitely a reason. This is the best (and the only!) company that I trust for Chinese herbs and concoctions!

Ryan McClendon

Winter Park, Florida, United States

As an active MMA competitor and trainer I get my fair share of pains and aches from sprains, strains and bruises. The PlumDragon jow goes a long way toward speeding up the healing process and alleviating pain. All my students love the stuff [Bruise Dit Da Jow], too.

Cam McHargue

Griffin, Georgia, United States

When my husband and I started learning Kung Fu, we started getting quite a few bruises and sore muscles! After a little online research, we decided to try Plum Dragon Herbs, because they specialized in Dit Da Jow and had a choice of potencies, which we didn't find elsewhere. We got the one-year aged Bruise Liniment and tried it on our frequently occurring bruises. The difference in healing was radical! Many of the bruises, when treated the night before, would be gone by morning, and the others would heal within another day or so. The bottle with the eye- dropper lasts a long time too, because you only need to maasage in a few drops to the affected areas. We can't recommend this stuff too highly!

Alicia Brewer

Tempe, Arizona, United States

The bruise linament is very helpful to me in reducing the healing time for bruises or minor joint soreness that can accompany strenous weight training....Finally, as I mentioned in my comments on the Iron Palm liniment, Plum Dragon provides superior customer service. I have tried products from other companies and they have proven themselves to be the most reliable in terms of their prompt shipping of their products.

Edmond Desany

Winooski, Vermont, United States

"Comprehensive" is a good word to describe this book. [Excursions in Iron Palm]. This book is a good place to start for those that are new to Iron Palm, as well as those that have been training in an Iron Palm system for awhile. For those that are new to the Iron Palm systems it makes a complimentary resource for information that may be used in conjunction with what your instructor teaches you. For those that have been training in Iron Palm for awhile it may supplement your knowledge. This book is not a system, but a kind of generic overview of the Iron Palm system and related components, pointers, tips etc. It would be advantageous for one beginning the Iron Palm system to review this material to understand the demand that one will be expected to fulfill to make any accomplishment in this system. Before you would even think about altering your particular system in Iron Palm, discuss it with your instructor, both out of respect for your system and your instructor, as well as those that pioneered and developed your system. The book does contain some Dit Da Jow recipes that may be useful for those that want to try preparing there own Jow, but I would caution against any beginner doing this unless you are or have a person knowledgeable in TCM to guide you. You can purchase Iron Palm Jow from Plum Dragon or other reputable sources that have combined the formula and all you need to do is mix it with the appropriate alcohol or buy it already mixed. I would recommend contacting Plum Dragon with any questions, as has been my experience, that they are always happy to help.

Bert Matlock

Port Clinton, Ohio, United States

Wow! This stuff is fantastic! [Flexibility Decoction] I knew your jows worked so I figured what the hey, our Grandmaster is coming and we have to test in front of him, might as well get as flexible as possible. Besides, I had been a little disappointed in my progress in flexibility over the past few months so I ordered some.
One really nice thing is that the herbs aren't horrible to drink like most of the Chinese decoctions I'd had in the past and have a pleasant cinnamon taste. So after two or three days of drinking it and checking for progress daily, nothing happened out of the ordinary. We kept drinking the herbs every day but forgot about checking our flexibility or basically expecting anything. We didn't do any extra stretching, just the normal class stuff, which is four days a week.
Then about a week later, we're stretching at the beginning of class and I'm like, whoa, what happened!? There was a huge difference! I was really stunned. Same thing with my husband. After class we spent another hour stretching at home just because we were so pleased at the difference!
Anybody who wants to get more flexible should try this stuff! I can't praise it too highly!

Alicia Brewer

Tempe, Arizona, United States

I have been using the Muscle Dit Da Jow on horses. The results are impressive. I dilute it down to 1/4 strength.

Nicholas Warner

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

I ordered from this site and there was a small problem, the people who where delievering and handling my order where total screwups and well....lets just say things just got really messy and I was really upset on the outcome of my first order with the PDH site, not the staff! I contacted the PHD staff through email and got an immediate response, plumdragonherbs where really friendly and helpful and replied to my messages without having me wait weeks or somthing like some websites do! They helped fixed the situation I was in with little to no delay at all and they really did an outstanding job on that because it was the most "I STAND BY MYPRODUCTS" I have ever seen in my life. These people working at plumdragonherbs don't mess and fool around, they definitely do the best they can to satisfy their customers and make sure they are SATISFIED to the fullest! Closing to my review, all I can really say is, LOOK NO FURTHER this site has it all! A+ Service! A+ Site! A+ Dit Da Jow! AKA: DIE DA JIU! A+ Staff! THANK YOU for brightening my day! hey PlumDragonHerbs site.. I hope many good things come to you!

Jade UMK3

West Covina, California, United States

in a word INCREDIBLE. I am a Pekiti Tirsia Kali practitioner and after numerous rounds of full contact stick sparring the Ho Family Dit removes all of my purple bruises in a matter of days. After 24 hours my bruises go from purple to pink, and they are gone shortly after that. Also I have had tendonitis [from training] in my left knee and this jow has worked GREAT on the swelling and pain. The stuff smells like steak sauce, but it indeed does work. I have been bragging on this stuff for weeks and have been giving samples to anyone I know that have some aches and pains and they all have nothing but good things to say! If you are contemplating buying this stuff JUST DO IT you won't regret it I promise!

Doug Marsh

San antonio, Texas, United States

Truly amazing stuff. I placed an order to help with the muscle aches and pains that came after practice and conditioning, but discovered an unexpected use after I sprained my left knee during BJJ practice. I was fine after the initial practice and was even able to practice in Muay Thai after staying off it for about five minutes. I couldn't even move my knee without feeling it would tear the next morning, however. My jow arrived the next day. I slathered my knee in Tiger Balm and Icy Hot, and even put a bandage on it the night before, to no avail. I used ONE DROPPER FULL of Ho Family Jow and I could bend it with a great deal more comort and ease. I continued to apply the jow over the course of the next few weeks, and noticed that the pain would disappear after application, even when I had come home from work after the pain had set in for hours... I am a firm believer in the effectiveness of the Ho Family jow!

Dennis Jackson

Germantown, Maryland, United States

This stuff [Ancestors Advanced Formula] is POWERFUL! Nothing out there like it that I've found either. Good stuff. I like the smell too, and more importantly, my wife doesn't mind it. Thank goodness!

Nathan Mangile

Tahlequah, Oklahoma, United States

As a 2+ year Shotokan student, I've had my fair share of sports injuries. After a recent practice, I noticed pain and swelling in my left knee. Instead of icing my knee down after practice, I used the Bruise Dit Da Jow instead. After approximately 2 hours time, the pain and swelling was completely gone. I am approximately halfway to achieving my blackbelt ranking, and I know I will be a long time customer of your products.

Ted Vincent

Simi Valley, California, United States

The batch [of Bruise JIUce] is over a year old, and it's great! I had some nasty bruises on my shin [from martial arts training], and after using it 2x a day for a couple of days, good as new. A great buy for those super nasty injuries.

R Fu

Denver, Colorado, United States

Order this Jow [Bruise JIUce] for the first time and applied it to my shins that have gotten quite bruised from Muay Thai training. My shins were hurting for over a week and after applying this one afternoon, a few hours later the pain in my shins subsided and no longer hurt when I touched it. I will monitor it and let everyone know what my findings are but so far, so good. I'm glad I brought this Jow.

Cho Cheung

Brooklyn, New York, United States

I ordered the Wing Chun pack for my personal training. It arrived promptly and I began "brewing" immediately. The smell from the bag was intense and tells my that only the freshest and finest ingredients were used. I am looking forward to the end results. I will definetly be buying more and trying out the other packs as well.

Richard Vernon

Bountiful, Utah, United States

The Wing Chun pack is awesome! kills the pain and lets you keep training, plus it smells incredible! I bruised my toe kick a heavy bag incorrectly put this jow on it and it was gone the next day.

Kurtis Gallacher

Salt lake city, Utah, United States

My wife and I started our iron palm training a few years back but both of us wondered if there might be some holes in the information we got. She bought this book [Excursions in Iron Palm] and sadly, due to a hectic schedule it sat around for awhile before I had time to pick it up. I have to say that just from a TCM point of view this book has some pretty amazing information on healing and how the body works but from an iron palm stance this book has become my bible. I am now planning on future trips to train with Josh and can't wait till I can.

Keith Brewer

Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States

Very informative book [Excursions in Iron Palm]. Not a how to but more of what every beginner should know before starting Iron Palm. I wish I had this book before I started because after reading some of it, I changed up my routine. If you are interested in iron palm, purchase this book and read it first. I am glad to have this book. Thanks Josh.

Bill Hyde

Sand springs, Oklahoma, United States

A super decoction [Felxibility Decoction] that really works fast. I will be trying this for 100 days and then some. Great for anyone in the arts and not in the arts.

Jeremy McGarvie

Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada

I had tried this formula [Flexibility Decoction] for increasing flexibility and also for some problems with my shoulders and neck. My shoulders and neck had become quite tense and painful. I will not go into the reasons here as it is too lengthy. I purchased 2 bags of the formula and mixed up the first soon after I received them. I noticed a positive difference after several days of drinking this formulas. My muscles and tendons began to relax and I also slept better. If you are looking to work on your flexibility or have muscle / tendon tension problems, then this is a great formula to try as is...

Bert Matlock

Port Clinton, Ohio, United States

I purchased this product on the off chance it would aid in increasing my flexibility for my Kenpo Karate training. At 65 yoa starting something like Kenpo Karate is quite a challenge, particularly when you've led a relatively sedentary life for a number of years. Enough of that! Now for the product and how it's working. I chose the ground option to see what I'd wind up with. A nice textured product that, to my amazement, was quite easily prepared by the cup instead of in bulk. Portion and steeping time was a "by guess and by gosh" thing but I've deduced that half a "tea-ball" and abut 7-8 minutes steeping in water brought to a boil gives an appeasing, tasty and seemingly effective cup of tea. I was quite stiff and tight in leg and back muscles. After about a week and a half or two weeks I've begun to notice the beginnings of increased flexibility creeping over me. Like I said, at 65 it's not an easy thing to perform some of the kicks in particular. In fact, I pulled a groin muscle about a month or so ago and had difficulty even stretching out. Now, after the roughly 2 weeks of using the Flexibility decoction, I'm becoming looser and a bit more flexible. Next batch, and there will be a next batch, will be the whole and I'll prepare it as the directions suggest as a gallon at one shot. Good product and useful when combined with normal stretching exercises. Hope to make it through Orange Belt test next month and keep going (I've only been at it 10 months so far) to try to hit Shodan in the next year or so. (I can dream, can't I????)

Allan Schwinn

Cumberland, Rhode Island, United States

The formula [Flexibility decoction] is great as a tea, with amazing pain relieving and relaxation qualities. I use it to supplement my training ...On a whim, I used my steeped herbs to make the training wine, and after a year it made an excellent external lineament. No doubt the uncooked herbs would be even better. I highly recommend this for any athletes who train hard.

Erik O'Brien

NORWELL, Massachusetts, United States

I started using it [Flexibility decoction] as directed and that very night I slept better than I have in years. About a week later (and still sleeping like a baby) my joint pain started getting less and less due to improved flexibility. Now after a hard training class my shoulders and neck no longer hurt. It's been about 3 weeks and my flexibility has improved at least 50% and several of the techniques that I used to not be able to perform due to tight muscles and ligaments, now I'm doing them without pain! My only regret is that I didn't try this stuff sooner. I love this stuff and I'll be using it for many years!!!

Dr. Branson

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

This one [Ho Family Dit Da Jow] is exellent it almost works instantly.

Tony Paredo

Lake forest, California, United States

Can't use this enough [Ho Family Dit Da Jow]. Great for bruises, sprains, strains, and just general aches and pains from training. Easy on the skin and even has good scent. Used it on a bruise one day and it was gone the next day. Used it for two days on sprained low back muscles and felt so much better by the third. This is a great general use jow.

Joseph Manese

Hillsborough, North Carolina, United States

I bought a sample bottle of this Jow [Ho Family Dit Da Jow] a short while ago with intention to treat a hurt shoulder and ... wrist. My shoulder recovered very quickly as has every annoying [training] injury I have treated it with with the exception of my wrist, it has yet to heal completely but it is on the mend. At least now with the daily use of this Jow it's actually improving for the first time.
Works very well on my finger joints, I'm constantly hurting them training BJJ. Like any good Chinese Dit Da medicine, injuries treated heal strong and don't reoccur easily.

Hugh Lutley

Stratford Upon Avon, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

I have been using the Ho family jow on a black eye after the swelling went down and it seems to be flushing out the bruising quickly, healing the sore injured tissues.

Erik Boustany

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States

I am a JKD and FMA practitioner and I have have nothing but good things to say about this Jow. I sprained my ankle [in training] and had quite a bit of swelling around the affected area, I used the Ho Family Dit Dat Jow and there was hardly any swelling the next day. Applied 2-3 times a day for 3 days and I have almost all mobility back and can't wait to get back to training, sooner rather than later thanks to this product! I've been telling everyone about it and offering samples to help friends and family with [training] injuries and [similar] conditions. Great stuff!

Suleyman Cetin

Bradford, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Very good for damaged muscle and tendon injuries [from training], I used this jow on a [training] injury I had trouble with for some time on my right knee I had damaged the muscle and ligaments down one side, used this stuff [Ho Family Dit Da Jow] for around two weeks once a day and it got better every day until by the time I had used the bottle up the injury is now gone completely, no pain, no stiffness nothing. Seriously impressive stuff.

Adam Phillip

Somerton, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

I bought this [Hua Tuo Plaster] for my mother's aching shoulder.....an immediate improvement is what she felt. A great product, one that I will be purchasing more of for myself and my mum. Thanks!:)

Jeremy McGarvie

Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada

I just ordered my 1/2 gallon of Jow... but what I wanted to comment on is not the quality of the product as I have bnot yet tried it. But on the quality of Plum Dragon's service. I got immediate response to my emails with answers to all my questions. I could tell this was a company that follows Wude.
This is now my sourse for Jow and other herbs.

Pablo Zamora

McAllen, Texas, United States

This jow [Hung Gar Iron Palm Dit Da Jow] is amazing! I have a recipe that belonged to my father but alot of the herbs you can no longer get in the USA. This level 2 is the closest thing to his. Everybody should try this one!

Brannon Roberts

Nowata, Oklahoma, United States

I practice Shaolin Kung Fu and Iron Palm daily. I knew I needed a large amount of quality Jow, but didn't want to make a mistake and get a bad product.
After reading some of the positive reviews, I took a chance a got the half gallon of Iron Palm Jow.
The product is excellent. Getting a small bottle with an eyedropper with the half gallon made it much easier to work with the Jow. The herbal smell, although strong, is pleasant. The price was great and the customer servicxe and follow up was really exceptional. I also had it in three business days!
I have recommended Plum Dragon to my Shifu because of the quality products and integrity of the company. I'll be back when the half gallon runs out! Thanks!

Michael Casey

Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States

I have been using the Jow for 4 days now and I can say this is some good Jow. I started back into Kung Fu again after 12yrs hiatus. And also started Iron Plum training. I dislocated my right thumb a long time ago and since starting Iron Palm training again, my thumb ligaments started to feel tight and a bit of minor pain at the joints. After using this Jow, that has been minimized quite a bit... My knees are typically stiff after a workout, and I have been using this Jow for that as well and its not stiff anymore.
Highly recommended. Great cust svc too. All emails are answered.

Al Tadeo

Plano, Texas, United States

Great stuff!! Works excellent! Been training Iron Palm and this stuff works so well [White Dragon Iron Palm Dit Da jow].

Chris Raikakos

Lumber Bridge, North Carolina, United States

This Jow [White Dragon Iron Palm Dit Da Jow] works great! They ship super fast too. I will be buying often.

David Gillette

Johnson CIty, Tennessee, United States

As a beginner to Iron Palm training, I have tried Wing Lam Triple Strength and Jade Springs Dit Da Jows. The best results have come from using Plum Dragon. Recovery time, pain, and swelling is decreased while energy/"Chi" is increased. My hands generate heat like never before and I have had some strange anomalies in Qigong & Tai Chi sessions along with everyday life. I often forget to put gloves on in sub-zero weather while snow-blowing and shoveling without even noticing. I am so impressed that I ordered a half-gallon and I am looking to schedule a 4-5 Hour private session soon...

Shaun Kinney

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Excellent intermediate jow for iron palm [White Dragon Iron Palm Dit Da Jow]. I train most days on a steel shot bag and this stuff lets me train longer and harder and has reduced my injury rate to basically zero. I literaly can't say enough good things about it, if you are wondering if this stuffs any good wonder no more its awesome!

Adam Phillip

Somerton, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

This is a really great jow [Jeet Kune Do Dit Da Jow]. It does a good job of breaking up swollen bruises and bringing deep bruises to the surface. It is a must have for any external stylist that does limb knocking and hard blocking drills. I used it in combination with san huang san on a sprained toe [from training] and it healed in days!!

Rocco Nicoletta

Toms River, New Jersey, United States

Have to say this Jow [Jeet Kune Do Dit Da Jow] works great. Was kicked in my knee in sparring a few months back and normally after every class since it just hurts. Was like that tonight put 3 drops on rubbed it in and the pain instantly faded and left a nice warm tingly feeling. Great Jow, Great Service.

Paul Pack

Cary, North Carolina, United States

I used this Jow [Jeet Kune Do Dit Da Jow] on a sore knuckle and it reduced the pain by atleast 40% the first day using it. I HIGHLY recommend this product to any serious martial artist you will not be disappointed.

Wayne Adams

Houston, Texas, United States

Excellent book for herbalism. I am so glad I bought this book because I now know what the herbs do that are in certain liniments. Also I love the fact that I can now take this knowledge and information from this book and create my own recipe. Thank you for another great product.

Bill Hyde

Sand Springs, Oklahoma, United States

Wow! With an uncasted fractured heel I've had a lot of swelling since the injury. On Josh's recommendation, my wife convinced me to try this [San Huang San] instead of ice. She made a poultice using olive oil, slathered it on my swollen foot and wrapped it loosely in terry cloth and a wrap. The next morning we were both pretty amazed at how much the swelling had gone down. For the first time in nearly a month I could see the bones along the top of my foot.
I am converted.
Jerry Burton
A very happy customer

Gerald Burton

Oxford, Indiana, United States