What is Dit Da Jow?

Dit Da Jow translates to "injury removing wine" or "iron hit wine". These herbal liniments have been used by ancient Chinese monks and herbalists for centuries! Although not widely known in the United States, they are presently used all over the world.

According to Chinese medicine and folklore, this herbal recipe was used to help thwart injuries, fix all sorts of physical ailments and maintain the body from deteriorating. In America, Dit Da Jow has found its way into a number of Martial Arts, Yoga / Pilates studios, and sports therapy communities leading to miraculous results!


Move our body, move our joints. The more the joint moves, the more wear and tear is involved. Your body is like the most complex machinery imaginable. All machines require some lovin' too!

Why do people halt doing what they love? Because they physically aren't able to. How does that feel? Not good. Most people stop running because of knee or ankle pains. Dancers stop dancing because their hip can't sustain the motions, or their knees can't bear the impact anymore... Most people stop tennis because of what? Tennis elbow! What's equally distasteful is the increased downtime between adventures as you get older.

Dit Da Jow instead of Bengay, Icy-Hot and the such?

One word. Absolutely!   Dit Da Jow is 100% natural and highly effective. It is made of alcohol and Chinese herbs (roots, twigs, etc.) The more natural something is, the better the outcome often is.


All the time! Use it when you get injured, but more importantly, use it to reinforce your body to increase your resiliency to damage and impact. Simply rub it on where you need it the most. Common uses include, but aren't limited to:
- On your neck to melt away stiffness, tension and sore muscles.
- On joint injuries to provide relief so you don't have to be a spectator.
- On a throbbing lower back that has endured 4 hours being behind the wheel.

You may also try using Dit Da Jow:
- Before your Yoga session to supercharge your energy flow
- Recovering faster from a marathon or a triathlon
- Before, during, and after Kung Fu!
- To aid in healing more quickly from tendonitis and tennis elbow


Realize there are only a few places you can find Dit Da Jow. To be perfectly honest, there are many types of Dit Da Jow with a variety of capabilities and potencies. You may get the liniment, but don't expect to learn the formula itself. That's almost always a secret (unless you join the plumdragonherbs.com forum). During your search, you will probably come across some free ingredient lists, remember you always get what you pay for. Just like there is fake jewellery, knock-off Nike apparel, imitation olive oil, and wanna-be Doc Martins, these ancient formulas have their fair share of bogus brands. Make sure you get authentic Dit Da Jow if you really desire to feel the renowned results.


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