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Join the Plum Dragon Lair, the official private forum on herbalism and martial arts!

We know that finding answers to questions related to Chinese medicine and martial arts can be tough, especially from like-minded and informed individuals.

That’s why we have created a space where you can get the answers you need and take your skills to the next level!

How will our community help you?

Get all the answers

Learn from the best! Josh Walker, the original founder of Plum Dragon Herbs, will be fielding your questions. Josh is an incredible martial artist, author of a comprehensive guide on herbs and formulated all of our famous Jows.

Learn new insights

Get new exclusive articles by Josh every month, along with ancient herbal recipes and fresh content from our team of experts.

Find niche friends

Being part of a global community with people who share your same interests is an invaluable way to learn new information that wouldn’t be available to you any other way. We’re excited for you to meet others who share your same passion!

Innside the Plum Dragon Lair Private Forum:

A Sneak Peak of Some of Our Forum Channels:

Chinese Herbs

We’ll help you choose herbs that are specifically designed to further your chinese medicine practice or training goals. Find out how to carefully choose herbs that are relevant to combat, healing and peak performance.

Martial Arts

Training is not just about exerting control and power in a physical way. Learn all the aspects of training– including the mental preparation, the necessary creativity and the humility that is required to take your prowess up a notch

Dit Da Jow

How to match the right jow to your training goals or physical fitness needs. Learn new recipes and the tried and true ones for all types of intensive training, injury prevention, conditioning and recovery.

Benefits of joining our forum:

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Discover secret Jow recipes or share new ones you and others are developing.

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Get exclusive access to Josh Walker to help answer your tough questions on Chinese medicine and martial arts.

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Ask questions about Iron Palm training, Jow making, stick fighting, athletic conditioning, herbal combinations and more!

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Read exclusive premium articles or find new research.

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Discover new friends and colleagues to bounce ideas off of and learn from.

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Obtain exclusive discounts and deals from Plum Dragon and our partners and podcast guests. Forum members get 10% off of all Plum Dragon orders, for as long as they are part of the forum.

About the forum moderator

Josh Walker’s passion for Chinese medicine and martial arts led him to become the original founder of Plum Dragon Herbs in 2005. He currently runs the central U.S. chapter for Tabimina balintawak group, a combative style of martial arts that originated in the Philippines. He is also the author of the Materia Medica For Martial Artists, a comprehensive reference on Chinese herbs for Dit Da Jow that is designed directly with the martial artist and TCM practitioner in mind.

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