Bai Fu Zi (Zhi) (Typhonium)


Chinese Herb: Bai Fu Zi



Bai Fu Zi acts to dry dampness, relieve pain, support healthy skin, dissolves phlegm and dispel wind.


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Chinese Herb

Bai Fu Zi, (Typhonium), Typhonium giganteumRhizoma Typhonii

Tymphonium is also known as Bai Fu Zi, as it appears to be a white version of Fu Zi, or Aconite. These 2 herbs have distinctly different actions and are not the same. However, both are TOXIC and should be used with great caution.

Tymphonium sits along side Ban Xia and Tian Nan Xing as a powerful herb that transforms states of phlegm, Wind-Damp, and spasms, where phlegm may invade the channels.


Acrid, sweet, warm, toxic

Channels Entered

Spleen, Stomach



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