Bai Xian Pi (Dictamnus, Dittany)


Chinese Herb: Bai Xian Pi (Dictamnus) supports healthy skin and cardiovascular health.


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Chinese Herb

Bai Xian Pi (Dictamnus); Dictamnus root bark, Chinese dittany, White Fresh Bark, Densefruit Pittany Root-Bark, Cortex Radix Dictamni Dasycarpi; Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz.;白鲜皮


Bitter, Cold

Channels Entered

Spleen, Stomach

Chinese Therapeutic Actions

Clears Heat, Eliminates Toxins, Alleviates Itching, Clears Damp-Heat, Dispels Wind.

Pharmacological Effects

Antifungal, Cardiovascular

Supports healthy skin condition


In China, Bai Xian Pi (also called Dittany bark), is produced mainly in the Liaoning, Hebei, Jiangsu, Shanxi and Jilin provinces. The dittany bark comes from a bush (dictamni radicis). The bark is peeled from the bush after the roots have been harvested in the spring and fall. Once the ditanny bark has been removed, it is sliced into pieces and sun-dried.

The dried dictamnus rhizome presents coiling block or double barrels in shape, 7 to 12cm long, 1 to 2 in diameter, 2 to 5mm thick, yellowish white to light brown surface, slightly smooth, and with vertical wrinkles and lateral root scars. Internal surface is light yellow, smooth, and with round holes caused by branch roots. It is crisp and easy to break, with ivory and layered cross section. Put under the sunlight or lamp, small white sparkling crystals can be seen.


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