Bruise Dit Da Jow


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Pre-aged Bruise Dit Da Jow. Bruise Dit Da Jow is the jow with the healing touch. A synergistic mix of herbs work to break blood stasis from bruising and injury while relieving pain and inflammation.


Bruise Dit Da Jow,

  • 4 oz. bottle, pre-aged
  • 1/2 gallon jug, pre-aged

Bruise Dit Da Jow is the jow with the healing touch. This pack of 16 healing herbs produces our premade bruise/injury dit da jow. This aromatic dit da jow is well balanced in energy and action. A synergistic mix of herbs work to break blood stasis from bruising and injury while relieving pain and inflammation. It also concurrently stimulates the bodys healing response to generate new tissues at the site of injury. Healing times can be drastically reduced by using this dit da jow consistently 2-3 times per day on injuries. This dit da jow has no toxic or harsh ingredients, and is easy on the skin while performing a tremendous job in its healing properties.



For EXTERNAL use only.  Do NOT apply to open wounds or cuts, scrapes, broken skin, eyes or mouth at any time.

For educational purposes only

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Weight11 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 5.5 in

4 oz. Bottle, Half Gallon Jug w/$4 Shipping Insurance

6 reviews for Bruise Dit Da Jow

  1. Cam McHargue

    As an active MMA competitor and trainer I get my fair share of pains and aches from sprains, strains and bruises. The PlumDragon jow goes a long way toward speeding up the healing process and alleviating pain. All my students love the stuff, too.

  2. Alicia Brewer

    When my husband and I started learning Kung Fu, we started getting quite a few bruises and sore muscles! After a little online research, we decided to try Plum Dragon Herbs, because they specialized in Dit Da Jow and had a choice of potencies, which we didn’t find elsewhere. We got the one-year aged Bruise Liniment and tried it on our frequently occurring bruises. The difference in healing was radical! Many of the bruises, when treated the night before, would be gone by morning, and the others would heal within another day or so. The bottle with the eye-dropper lasts a long time too, because you only need to maasage in a few drops to the affected areas. We can’t recommend this stuff too highly!

  3. Edmond Desany

    The bruise linament is very helpful to me in reducing the healing time for bruises or minor joint soreness that can accompany strenous weight training. In fact, my personal trainer recently suffered a knee injury during his own workout (martial arts) and I provided him an extra bottle of the Bruise linamnent dit da jow I had. Within a day or two he felt a considerable benefit from the cooling aspects of this particular type of dit da jow. He’s also convinced this is a very effective linament. Finally, as I mintioned in my comments on the Iron Palm linament, PlumDragon provides superior customer service. I have tried products from other companies and they have proven themsevles to be the most reliable in terms of their prompt shipping of their products.

  4. Wayne Adams

    I used this Jow on a sore knuckle and it reduced the pain by atleast 40% the first day using it. I HIGHLY recommend this product to any serious martial artist you will not be disappointed.

  5. Ted Vincent

    As a 2+ year Shotokan student, I’ve had my fair share of sports injuries. After a recent practice, I noticed pain and swelling in my left knee. Instead of icing my knee down after practice, I used the Bruise Dit Da Jow instead. After approximately 2 hours time, the pain and swelling was completely gone. I am approximately halfway to achieving my blackbelt ranking, and I know I will be a long time customer of your products.

  6. Beverly

    This stuff is amazing. I have bone cancer and constant pain. I rub it on where the pain is and almost immediately I have relief. I keep it right on my nightstand and use it when needed. Great for a headache too. I just rub some on my temples or neck and I have much needed relief. I call it my miracle liquid gold!

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