Chuan Bei Mu (Fritillaria Bulb)


Chinese Herb: Chuan Bei Mu

(Tendrilled Fritillary Bulb)



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Chinese Herb

Chuan Bei Mu (Tendrilled Fritillary Bulb); Fritillaria Cirrhosa D. Don; Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae; 川贝母

This is TRUE Chuan Bei Mu. This is not Zhe Bei Mu, which s a cheap substitute for Chuan Bei Mu.

Fritillaria, as it is referred to in English, is a phlegm-transforming herb that is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for hot phlegm conditions.  It is sometimes used in TCM to clear heat and reduce hard lumps and swellings, justifying its use in some dit da jow and dit da recipes.


Sweet, bitter, and cold

Channels Entered

Heart, Lung

Therapeutic Actions

  1. To moisten the lungs and resolve phlegm
  2. To stop cough
  3. To clear heat and release nodules

Common Dosage

3-10 grams

Cautions and Contraindications

This herb cannot be used with Sichuan Aconite Root (Wu Tou) as they counteract each other


Fritillaria is part of the lily family. It is a perennial, flowering plant that grows in the meadows and on the mountain slopes of Nepal and China. Several species of fritillaria are used medicinally; the plant’s bulb is processed and used in various herbal formulas.

In traditional Chinese medicine, fritillaria is called Chuan bei mu. It has bitter, sweet, and slightly cold properties. The bulb’s white color is thought to affect the heart and lung meridians, so it is used in traditional Chinese medicine to support lung health.




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