Da Hui Xiang (Star Anise)


Chinese Herb: Da Hui Xiang (Ba Jiao Hui Xiang)

(Star Anise)



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Chinese Herb

Da Hui Xiang (Star anise); Illicium verum Hook F.; Fructus Anisi Stellati

Da Hui Xiang, also Ba Jiao Hui Xiang, or the Star Anise Fruit in English, is a fantastic little creation of nature. This is one of our favorite herbs, with its deep licorice-like aroma and fascinating design. A Cold-Dispersing, warming herb, Star Anise warms the Kidney and Liver, helps relieve pain, and has a mild ability to regulate circulation. We sell whole intact Star Anise with a fresh and robust aroma.

Star Anise is acrid and sweet in flavor, and energetically warming. Star Anise enters the Liver, Kidney, and Spleen meridians.


Acrid, sweet, warm

Channels Entered

Liver, Kidney, Spleen



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