Dang Shen (Codonopsis)


Chinese Herb: Dang Shen

(Codonopsis, Pilose Asia Bell Root)


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Chinese Herb

Dang Shen (Codonopsis, Pilose Asia Bell Root); Codonopsis Pilosula; Radix Codonopsis

Codonoptis is a very important Qi tonic, especially to the Spleen and Lungs and is often times used as a replacement/substitute to Ginseng, and in many famous tonifying formulas. It is not overpowering or as strong as Ginseng, but smoother and milder in action. In some cases, it is a more suitable herb for the situation than Ginseng. Aside from being milder in its action and warmth, Codonopsis is also significantly cheaper than Ginseng, which provides additional appeal as a substitute. This herb is sweet and neutral in energy.

We offer a premium grade quality of Dang Shen, as well as a slightly less expensive 2nd grade, selectable in the below menu.


Sweet, neutral

Channels Entered

Spleen, Lung



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