Dong Chou Jiu (Fall and Winter Training Wine)


Dong Chou Jiu (1 Gallon Herb Pack) is a super strong, kick-ass, power-packed training tonic!



Dong Chou Jiu (Fall and Winter Training Wine), 1 Gallon Herb Pack

This formula has been adapted from Thomas Joiner’s book Warrior as Healer: A Martial Arts Herbal for Power, Fitness and Focus.

We have modified this formula to make a super strong, kick-ass, power-packed training tonic!  For example, our version includes nearly double the amount of Lu Rong and over 5x the amount of ginseng (and we don’t use generic ren shen, we use organic white Jilin ginseng)!

**Hu Gu (Tiger bone) is illegal in the US and its use is also unethical and it is not present in our formula – an important distinction from Joiner’s formula**

This formula strengthens the sinews and bones, knees, lower back and helps eliminate joint stiffness.  It strengthens the liver and kidneys and promotes healthy testosterone levels.  It increases vital energy and enriches the blood, strengthens muscles, improves circulation and nourishes the fluids.

Product preparation and usage instructions can be found under the info tab on the home page. Simply scroll down to the section on “Internal tonics.”

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Weight17 oz

1 review for Dong Chou Jiu (Fall and Winter Training Wine)

  1. Philippe

    If you are living in a country with cold and damp winters, this is a go-to product! It nourishes and warms the body, increase blood and Chi circulation, strenghten bones, wake-up the immune system and nourishes the 3 treasures (Jing, Chi and Shen). 30 minutes after taking this incredible tonic, I could feel the heat and the vitality coming up. It is well balanced and a powerful addition to winter training.

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