Elderberry (Elder Berries)

Sambucus nigra

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Western Herb

Elderberry (Elderberries, Elder Berries); Sambucus nigra


Pungent, Bitter, Cool

Channels Entered

Lung, Bladder

Therapeutic Actions

Wind Heat, Phlegm, Heat


Elderberry has recently become more popular than Echinacea as America’s go-to herb for immune support. The elderberries grow on small trees or shrubs grows throughout Europe and the United States. They produce dangling clumps of juicy dark purple berries in late full. These elderberries have been used in wines, juices, soups, syrups, pies, and preserves. The elderberries and syrup have been used for immune support.  Fifteen years of clinical trials have validated its traditional medicinal use for the support of short and long-term immune function.

Native American herbalists gave the elderberry its name. They regarded the plant  as a wise “elder” due to its ability to promote health and vitality. The native American uses included boosting immunity, easing pain and healing wounds.

Elderberry contains large amounts of antioxidants vitamin A and C. The antioxidant power of the elderberry exceeds that of blueberries and cranberries.

The real power of the elderberry comes from the potent flavonoids it contains: anthocyanins, quercetin and rutin. A laboratory analysis of 28 different berries found elderberries to have more flavonols than any of the other berries tested.


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