Black Hand Iron Palm Liniment


An enormous formula with very strong herbs!

1 Gallon Herb Pack



The Black Hand Dit Da Jow formula is enormous (by our standards) and uses some fairly strong herbs.  At Plum Dragon Herbs, we have, admittedly, mostly avoided these very large formulas that sometimes seem to heal something by aiming at healing everything.  We subscribe to more of a “sniper” approach when it comes to the use of jow, than a “militia” approach.  What we mean by that is we don’t typically want to come at a problem by just throwing more herbs at it (like an old time militia would just throw more guys with guns in a combat line and hope that simply by having more men the enemy would eventually be defeated by attrition).  We strive to match a specific (and often smaller) formulation of “sniper” herbs that promote a specific goal or small range of healing functions.  We inadvertently “leaked” the ingredients to this formula several years ago and other jow makers have been supplying this formula ever since.

Some Plum Dragon customers like the formula a lot and have been asking us to make it as they trust the quality of our herbs and the care we put into making our formulas … and we LOVE our customers, so….HERE IT IS made with the same dedication and passion as all of our products.  Enjoy!


Tinospora Stem, Homalomena, Angelica Tail, Kadsura Stem, Snake Skin, Clematis Root, Pyrite, Amber Resin, Cudrania, Chinaberry Fruit, Pseudoginseng Root, Salvia Root, Mulberry Bark, Schizonepeta Bud, Cnidium, Cyathula Root, Frankincense, Veratrum Root, Bur-Reed, Curcumae Zedoaria, Inula Flower, Safflower Flower, Oldenlandia, Peach Kernel, Thorowax Root, Chinese Quince Fruit, Rehmannia, Gardenia, Mountain Peony Bark, Lycium Root, Lotus Stem, Prickly Ash Pepper, Cnidium Fruit, Siler Root, Wild Ginger.


Offered only as a 1 gallon herb pack

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For EXTERNAL use only.  Do NOT apply to open wounds or cuts, scrapes, broken skin, eyes or mouth at any time.


For educational purposes only

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This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please be advised:
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before making any changes to your diet or nutritional program.


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Weight20 oz


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