Ze Xie (Alisma Rhizome)


Chinese Herb: Ze Xie

(Alisma Rhizome, Water Plantain Tuber)


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Chinese Herb

Ze Xie (Alisma Rhizome, Water Plantain Tuber); Alisma Orientalis; Rhizoma Alismatis

Ze Xie, literally meaning “Marsh Drain,” is an herb which fits its literal translation well: Ze Xie, or Water Plantain, has an important function in regulating water circulation and resolving accumulation of dampness in the body.

Ze Xie is slightly sweet in flavor, and is quite cold in energy, making it more suitable for heat/fire conditions. Ze Xie enters the Kidney and Bladder meridians.


Sweet or no taste, cold

Channels Entered

Kidney, Urinary Bladder




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