Zou Ma Tai (Ardisia Root)


Chinese Herb: Zou Ma Tai

(Ardisia Root)


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Chinese Herb

Zou Ma Tai (Ardisia Root); Ardisia Gigantifolia; Rhizoma Ardisiae

Zou Ma Tai, also known as Shuang Ma Tai, is the rhizome of the Giant Leaf Ardisia. It is principally a wind-damp dispelling herb which treats wind conditions on the exterior. Zou Ma Tai is acrid and neutral in nature, and enters the Lung, Stomach, and Spleen meridians.


Acrid, neutral

Channels Entered

Lung, Stomach, Spleen



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1 review for Zou Ma Tai (Ardisia Root)

  1. James Lochard

    I am a practitioner Of Uechi-Ryu, a hard okinawan style Karate. As part of our training, we perform kote kotae (arm pounding),ashi kotae (Leg pounding) and use makiwara just about daily. I can’t begin to tell you just how upset I am for not finding this stuff sooner. The way we train of course causes bruises. When the bruise heals, we then resume training.
    WELL! for the first time I have not had a bruise! The soreness on the area I pounded was so faint that I was able to continue training the next day. I will never again continue my Karate training without this Jow. This isn’t Holy Land water from tap. This works. I will be loyal to this site!

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