Two World-Renowned Studies Prove Traditional Chinese Medicine Really Works

Does traditional Chinese medicine really work?

The short answer is: yes.

Herbs and other botanical and bio-active ingredients definitely have a powerful effect on the body. While sometimes looked down upon on by Westerners, herbs and plants have been used to cure many ailments for many millennia. Our ancestors were much smarter than we give them credit for!

Herbal Remedies are Undeniably Effective.

Chinese Herbal Remedies are effectiveAn example of a successful herbal remedy often cited in the West is St. John’s root. While it can have some undesirable side effects, like negating hormonal birth control, it has been scientifically proven effective as an antidepressant despite not being commonly used in America due to the Western stigma against herbal medicine.

There is now scientific evidence that traditional Chinese medicine might impact the human genome and may influence gene expression.

For example, a Taiwanese research group analyzed 3,294 medicinal herbs and other ingredients and found that 36% of them worked with histone-modifying enzymes, and one-third of that percentage promoted chromatin condensation, which compacts chromosomes and can affect gene expression and the repair of DNA.

Using Chinese & Modern Medicine Together

Science of Chinese Herbal RemediesArguably, traditional Chinese medicine is most effective when paired with modern medicine. This was thrown into sharp relief in 2015, when the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine went to Chinese scientist Youyou Tu.

She developed an effective antimalarial treatment from the wormwood plant Artemisia annual, combining the effectiveness of the scientific method with the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine.
However, there are exceptions to the combination rule: traditional medicine is often used when modern medicine isn’t working.

When Western Veterinary Medicine Fails..

Chinese herbal medicine for petsOh Soon Hock, a veterinarian at the Singapore Zoo, has treated more than 200 animals with acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicinal herbs. Oh said that the traditional Chinese medicine is usually used at the zoo when Western veterinary medicine doesn’t work.

For example, an Orangutan was treated for constipation with modern medicine for more than a year with no results — until the zoo switched to an ancient Chinese herb brew and was cured within a week. The zoo recently received a $19,700 grant for further research into using traditional Chinese medicine for animals.

Plum Dragon Herbs Combines Traditional Chinese Medicine with Modern Science to Heal Injury and Pain
Plum Dragon’s bestselling line of premium Dit Da Jow formulas for trauma injury and pain have also been turned to as a last resort when customers have tried many other medicines and remedies to try to heal their injuries or relieve their pain.  Many of our USA customers are astonished to find that a 100% natural, topically-applied Chinese herbal remedy can work so powerfully to eliminate their pain and rapidly heal injuries from bruising, strains and sprains, to torn ligaments and bone fractures without the potential side-effects and risks of other medicines. We are daily flooded with stories of grateful customers who have used our products to help their bodies heal from injuries from traumatic car accidents, workplace accidents, athletic injuries, post-surgical recovery, chronic pain conditions, arthritis and much more. So, we KNOW for sure that traditional Chinese medicine works!

How has traditional Chinese medicine impacted your life?


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