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Recipe Compendium

Welcome to the PlumDragon Herbs Dit Da Jow Recipe Compendium! Below are many dit da jow, dit da wan, and iron palm jow recipes for martial artists and athletes. For those not wanting Premade jow or Herb Packs, we offer this resource of dit da jow recipes; while we don’t endorse all these dit da recipes, we’re happy...
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Full Formula Listing

External Formulas   Abularyo Balur Ancestors Advanced Iron Palm Jow   Ancient Way/Monks Fist Dit Da Jow  Ark Y Wong Injury Dit Da Jow  Ark Y Wong Iron Palm Jow  Ark Y Wong Iron Palm Jow Level 2 Bak Fu Pai All-Purpose Formula Bak Fu Pai Conditioning Jow Bak Fu Pai #2 Bak Fu Pai...
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Excursions in Iron Palm – Dit Da Jow Recipes Explained and Revealed!

Excursions in Iron Palm by Josh Walker (Founder of PlumDragonHerbs), reviewed by Iron Palm practitioner and teacher, Brett Barrell. “One of the better books you are ever gonna get on the subject.” “One of the most valuable books that I now have in my collection of martial arts books.” Find the book, here.

Learn How to Use the Right Chinese Herbs for Pain

We have created a new brochure that we know you are going to LOVE and want to share with others who use Chinese herbs, jows/liniments, or who have a specific are of pain that they need to address. The article in the brochure is called: Herbs for Pain: Traditional Chinese Medicine Methods for Directing a...
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Boneset “Casts” for Healing Bones

Many of you know all too well that broken or fractured bones and stress fractures can put you out of the game (and in an awkward and unattractive boot, cast or sling, too) for weeks or even months. Fortunately, there are herbs like Boneset that help bones heal more quickly. Eupatorium perfoliatum is also called...
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Abalone Soup with Cordyceps: Improve Stamina and Enhance Libido

Soups are a wonderful treat for the body, warming it from within as the temperature drops outdoors.  A soup containing Chinese herbs like cordyceps, however,  can do much more than warm you up.  Cordyceps act on the lung and kidney meridians, the channels in the body through which Qi flows.  As, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine...
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