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Recipe Compendium

Welcome to the PlumDragon Herbs Dit Da Jow Recipe Compendium! Below are many dit da jow, dit da wan, and iron palm jow recipes for martial artists and athletes. For those not wanting Premade jow or Herb Packs, we offer this resource of dit da jow recipes; while we don’t endorse all these dit da recipes, we’re happy...
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Full Formula Listing

External Formulas   Abularyo Balur Ancestors Advanced Iron Palm Jow   Ancient Way/Monks Fist Dit Da Jow  Ark Y Wong Injury Dit Da Jow  Ark Y Wong Iron Palm Jow  Ark Y Wong Iron Palm Jow Level 2 Bak Fu Pai All-Purpose Formula Bak Fu Pai Conditioning Jow Bak Fu Pai #2 Bak Fu Pai...
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Excursions in Iron Palm – Dit Da Jow Recipes Explained and Revealed!

Excursions in Iron Palm by Josh Walker (Founder of PlumDragonHerbs), reviewed by Iron Palm practitioner and teacher, Brett Barrell. “One of the better books you are ever gonna get on the subject.” “One of the most valuable books that I now have in my collection of martial arts books.” Find the book, here.

How To Get Much Stronger Without Getting Huge and Heavy

Strength is an old word with rich emotional content and meaning. You’ll hear how “only the strong survive”. You can talk about the strength of an army, the strength of an oak tree, or the strength of a singer’s voice. We see all our heroes as having it in one form or another, and we...
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40% OFF These These Iron Palm Pre-Aged Jows

Only 50 Bottles Made. When They’re Gone, They’re Gone. Attention all you Iron Palm-ers: We’ve pre-aged a small supply of 2 rare iron palm jows that we usually don’t sell in ready-to-apply bottles, and we’re going to offer them to you at 40% off until they’re gone. First come first serve. When we say pre-aged,...
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Zhi Sou San (Powder to Stop Coughing and Promote Respiratory Ease)

Zhi Sou San is a Chinese herbal formula indicated for treatment of all types of coughs.  It is one of California’s State Board Formulas.  It was first laid out in the Qing Dynasty by Cheng Guopeng in Volume 3 of Yi Xue Xin Wu.  One rough translation of the original description has been provided by...
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