What is Dit Da Jow?

Chinese Dit Da Jow, roughly translated, means "hit fall wine." It is a created by soaking specific herbal blends in alcohol. Once it's aged enough, it's used as a liniment (something applied to skin for pain relief.)

The primary uses of Chinese Dit Da Jow are:

  • Pain Relief
  • Healing (bruises, strains, sprains, etc)
  • Conditioning (strengthening the tissues affected by impact: skin, muscle, connective tissue, and bone.)

It has historically been used most widely by martial artists, but many athletes in other high contact sports have discovered its benefits, along with fitness enthusiasts who train intensely and want to be able to train more often without being sidelined by the effects of overtraining. These powerful formulas are not just for athletes anymore. Today, these products are used by the active and inactive, young and old across the many spectrums of life to manage pain and naturally support the body's healing from injuries.

How Does Dit Da Jow Work?

Chinese Dit Da Jow formulas are made from a carefully selected combination of potent herbal ingredients with synergistic properties. Two of the primary modes of action in authentic Dit Da Jow healing formulas are:
  1. Reducing Inflammation (which is the cause of swelling, sensitivity, and decreased range of motion)
  2. Increasing Circulation (helps bring fresh healing nutrient and drive out stagnating fluid surrounding the injury)

There are many more possible effects from Dit Da Jow than just these two--it all depends on the formula.

How Do I Use Dit Da Jow?

  • Cup your palm and drop a small amount in the center (usually less than a dropper)
  • Deeply massage it into the skin, as though you are trying to push it through the skin and into the tissues below. Don’t merely spread it around like lotion.
  • With very sensitive areas, begin gently and cautiously and slowly increase your application pressure.
  • When the Jow is absorbed, repeat with a second application. Apply 3 times daily for best results

Which formula should I use?

If you are new to the world of Chinese Dit Da Jow, there are three main formulas for pain and injury.

Bruise Juice

This Chinese Dit Da Jow formula is best for fresh injuries with visible bruising, redness and swelling. This is a strong anti-inflammatory and can be used for all kinds of inflammation and pain connected with a fresh injury, bruise, welt, sprain or strain.

    The Ho Family Dit Da Jow

    This choice is best for all other injuries that have moved beyond the bruising/inflammation stage. This is the best choice for general pain management, muscle injuries, tendonitis, and pain from post-surgical/post-trauma recovery, including nerve pain.

       Ancestors Advanced Dit Da Jow

      This Chinese Dit Da Jow formula is best for arthritic pain and pain associated with other degenerative conditions. It is also best for very old injuries that have not been able to heal properly.


      Are There Any Reasons Why I Should Get My Dit Da Jow from Plum Dragon?

      Authentic Dit Da Jow Ingredients - We have scoured the world of herbal suppliers to determine to best quality sources for authentically produced ingredients, some of which can be very hard to get. (You certainly won’t find them in cute bottles at your local Rite-Aid.)

      Genuine Production with a Pure Lineage - We have a long history with many martial arts schools, both the well-known to the unknown, ancient and contemporary. We have mastered the production process, preserving the genuine lineage of each formula’s tradition.

      Rare Access to Publicly Unavailable Secrets - Some have requested secret formulas, hand-written in Chinese, that aren’t available anywhere else. (We have agreed to keep their formulas secret; however, we can make their Jow available for use.) When you do this for as long as we have, patterns begin to emerge in the formulas. We have noted what’s different in the secret formulas and why they’re so protected. This has empowered us to be serious innovators in the field of Chinese Dit Da Jow production, engineering some of the most effective blends in the world and that have become trusted go-to healing formulas for a growing number of our long term clients. 

      For more answers to the question: What is dit da jow? refer to Plum Dragon's free ebook on using Chinese herbal remedies for pain and inflammation.

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