At Plum Dragon, we make medicine from whole plants.
We believe that anything a synthetic ingredient can do, whole plant compounds can do better! 
This understanding is super important to us, and we think it’s important to you, too—that’s why you’re here!
  • Plum Dragon Herbs products are truly a labor of love and dedication to quality, efficacy, and tradition.
  • Plum Dragon is dedicated to sourcing superior quality herbs from around the world. All of our herbal ingredients are grown without the use of toxic pesticides or sulfur, and are grown in unpolluted areas.
  • The potency and efficacy of Plum Dragon products are unparalleled and are immediately noticeable by the strong aroma that is the hallmark of fresh medicinal herbs. 


"I am making a power packed super strong training tonic with ancient knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine! Thanks to @plumdragonherbs for supplying me with the freshest and most potent herbs anyone can find on the market today!


Organic Chinese Herbs: The Plum Dragon Pilot Program

We are so dedicated to providing the highest quality herbs and herbal medicine that we have launched a pilot program for growing organic Chinese herbs and other medicinal herbs right here in the USA.  We have spent several years researching to find out which herbs could be gown successfully in the soil and climate conditions of the vast farmland resources of Maryland's Eastern Shore.  We have several volunteer farms involved in this first growing season, and we are proud and thankful to be supported further by the following groups who are providing processing equipment, laboratory testing,  :

  • Maryland Ag and Rural Maryland Council
  • University of MD Eastern Shore, Department of Agriculture, Food and Resource Sciences
  • Wye Research and Education Center, University of Maryland Extension

Lisa Ball CEO Plum Dragon Herbs Jumping Image

That's Lisa, our CEO, jumping for joy at Abundant Grace Farms (in early June, 2019). One of the farms in our pilot program, it's an 80 acre organic farm, whose owner "Major," a military veteran, and his right hand farm-man, Matt, are dedicated to organic farming. These 2 guys are a farming super-duo with extensive knowledge of how to grow the most healthy plants and herbs without pesticides, and chemicals.

Looking to stay on the cutting edge of farming, these guys jumped into the pilot program with both feet and are having some really great success already this first year in the program. 

Major and Matt from Abundant Grace Farms Image

The first harvest of organic Chinese herbs is coming in now (summer 2019) and includes:

  • Ai Ye, Mugwort, Artemisia
  • Huo Xiang, Agastache
  • Dan Shen, Red Salvia, Salvia miltiorrhiza

Those of you who are very familiar with the Chinese herbal medicine industry are aware of the extreme difficulty of procuring organic Chinese herbs. So, you can understand why we are ecstatic about the early success of this program, and why we are looking forward to continued work with our farms and research partners to make this program and huge success and bring this industry pure, organic herbs of the most superior quality possible.