Dit Da jow - topical analgesic bottles



These 4 ounce Dit Da Jow Chinese topical analgesic bottles are ready for immediate use for pain from all types of injury, arthritis, sprains and strains and bruises. Our martial arts customers use this Dit Da Jow for Iron Palm training and, along with our elite athletes, for many types athletic injuries.  Our best-selling products are: 

Bruise Juice: for painful bruises and swelling from fresh injuries. Ho Family Dit Da Jow: for all kinds of pain, especially painful muscle injuries, tendonitis and nerve pain. Ancestors Advanced Dit Da Jow: for arthritic pain, and pain from older injures and degeneration. (This is also the best Dit Da Jow Chinese topical analgesic formula on the market for advanced Iron Palm training.)

Many athletes and active individuals/families benefit from having all three formulas available. To make this more affordable for our customers, we offer a way to get ALL THREE FORMULAS for the PRICE OF TWO. Just click on the "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" box below and follow all of the directions carefully to take advantage of this offer. 

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