How to Get Rid of Elbow Pain

Tennis elbow is not only for those who play the game, but is actually an extremely common affliction, affecting over 200,000 people per year in the United States. Experiencing elbow pain can be debilitating. In this post, we explore how to get rid of elbow pain with the help of herbal medicine, acupuncture and other therapies.

Some people have a deep pain within the elbow that can be sharp, stabbing or even experienced as a burning sensation. This typically occurs in the outer side of the elbow at the site of the extensor carpi radialis brevis tendon attachment and is known as lateral epicondylitis.

The pain often radiates to the wrist and top of the hand, and may worsen with prolonged use of the joints. Some people can attribute this to an injury or over-use, while others may experience increased pain with aging. This pain is not only relegated to the elbow, but can radiate to the forearm muscles as well.

Stabilizing and strengthening the surrounding shoulder and arm muscles can sometimes help reduce the pain, though there is not a one-size-fits-all approach that is best for everyone. Working with a professional in physical therapy is recommended, as this provides a personalized approach to healing that can accelerate the healing process.

Sports medicine practitioners are especially suited to treat injuries from athletic over-use or acute symptoms from strain. While working with a professional can help immensely, there are also alternative avenues of healing that can be easily explored and experimented with, including herbal treatments.

Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat injuries, reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. The chronic pain of tennis elbow is incredibly painful for many people and can impact their life. Aside from sports injuries, people who perform repetitive movements of the wrist and arm are commonly subject to this pattern as well.

For these people especially, reducing elbow pain is an essential part of their livelihood and must be treated as thoroughly as possible. In some cases, bumping or banging the elbow into a hard object can also cause this pain to occur. In any instance, incorporating herbal medicines into the daily health care and maintenance routine can reduce swelling and pain, and may reduce overall symptoms over time. The effects of herbal medicine compound with use and can reduce pain and inflammation over time.

In Chinese Medicine, pain caused by blockages such as tendonitis are known as Bi syndrome. Tennis elbow is a fixed Bi syndrome because it stays in one location and continues to cause pain in that area over an extended time. There may be swelling in the joint, but more often, a stabbing, sharp or burning pain is experienced.

Acupuncture can be very effective in bringing mobility to the area and reducing pain while optimizing Qi flow. Additionally, Chinese herbal medicine treatment will include promoting the circulation of blood within the area, eliminating stasis and relieving pain.

Dit Da Jow is a topical herbal formula that penetrates deeply through the skin to the tissues, muscles and tendons. It can be applied directly to the site of the pain to reduce swelling, inflammation and irritations. Our specialty formula, Ho Family Dit Da Jow, is a our #1 bestselling formula.

This traditional Dit Da Jow contains various analgesic herbs to provide topical pain relief. This is a great formula for tennis elbow, tendonitis, and even ongoing nerve pain. It not only reduces pain but also contains anti-inflammatory herbs to heal injury at the deepest level.

It can also be beneficial to take Chinese herbs internally, in the form of small pills, called teapills. These contain herbs in a format that is convenient and familiar. The Great Mender is a traditional formula used to assist the body in healing traumatic injury and strengthening bones and tendons. This formula was historically used in martial arts traditions to aid in healing from injuries. It also supports strong bones and connective tissues by invigorating the blood and resolving stasis in the injury.

Great Mender  can be used along with our Gecko Tonic Teapills in later stages of injury. Gecko Tonic Teapills are also known as Ge Jie Da Bu Wan and contain 17 herbs to tong Qi and Yang, nourish the blood, bones and tendon, and strengthen the Liver, Kidney and Spleen. This formula can aid in recovery from surgery, promote healing of bone and tendon and can even raise the libido due to their kidney tonification properties.

Other options for pain relief include wearing an elbow brace or using cold packs applied to the elbow area. While elbow braces can provide support and stability and can prevent further injury to the area, they are not able to treat the root cause of the issue. Icing the area and taking pain relievers is often recommended to keep the pain at a more manageable level, but these are only short-term solutions.

As a last resort, some people may opt for surgery, which includes making a small incision on the side of the elbow and removing the damaged piece of tendon and reattaching it to the healthy bone. Arthroscopic surgery also involves making tiny incisions in the elbow and using small instruments and cameras to remove the damaged parts of the tendon. This is an outpatient surgery and people are able to go home on the same day with minimal risks.

Yet, not everyone in pain is comfortable submitting to surgery. Instead, traditional medicine provides an alternative route to healing that can help some people avoid surgery and other pharmaceutical medicines altogether.


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How to Get Rid of Elbow Pain