PlumDragonHerbs, Inc. requires that its products be sold in compliance with its Resale Policy. Customers must:
  1. Not resell PlumDragon products to other health care professionals or businesses; and must accept responsibility for the actions of all employees, administrators, agents, contractors, or consultants (“personnel”) associated with their practice, store, or business and assure that such personnel comply with this Resale Policy.
  2. PlumDragonHerbs, Inc. prohibits the sale of its products on any third party facilitated sites (e.g., Amazon, eBay, etc.). PlumDragon products may only be sold through a website owned in entirety by the person or company represented by the tax ID form provided on the Wholesale Application.
  3. PlumDragonHerbs, Inc.’s products must checkout at suggested retail pricing. Patients being treated by a practitioner may receive discount pricing only in the practitioner’s office. Sales to patients or customers via the approved Internet methods defined above may not be discounted. Any other public advertising of PlumDragon products must show the suggested retail price of the product. PlumDragonHerbs, Inc. recommends that all customers sell PlumDragon products at the suggested list price.
  4. PlumDragonHerbs, Inc. strictly limits the use of Dit Da Jow and tonic herb packs to personal use only. Customers are NOT permitted to use herb packs purchased from PlumDragonHerbs, Inc. to make for resale purposes. Customers are NOT permitted to use PlumDragon herb packs either in whole or in part to incorporate into any other formula intended for resale.PlumDragon herb packs are for resale “as is” (for resale as an herb pack at retail price) or to be used to make Jow or tonic for personal use only.
  5. Prepared Dit Da Jow formulas may only be resold if they are purchased from PlumDragonHerbs, Inc. and contain official PlumDragonHerb’s, Inc.’s official labels and batch numbers showing that the product has been manufactured from start to finish in the PlumDragonHerbs, Inc. manufacturing facility. No customer is permitted at any time to claim or warrant that a product that has been prepared or bottled in their own location is a PlumDragon product (even if it has been prepared from a PlumDragon herb pack for personal use). Official PlumDragon products bear the official company label, logo, and batch number. Any product that does not MUST NOT bear the PlumDragon name in any way, and may not be resold.
  6. Comply with the Promotional Rules of Use of PlumDragonHerbs, Inc.’s Intellectual Property, Products, and Written Materials.
This version of the Resale policy is effective as of 02/27/2016. Customers failing to comply with this Resale policy will face immediate termination of the Customer’s account and/or further legal action. PlumDragonHerbs, Inc. reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. It is at the discretion of PlumDragonHerbs, Inc. to sell to whomever we choose. Please report all violators or abusers of this Resale Policy, or any PlumDragonHerbs, Inc. policies, to the PlumDragonHerbs, Inc. corporate headquarters at (888) 926-4514.