Dit Da Jow Overview

PURITY—All our dit da jow/topical analgesic formulas are pure and 100% natural whole herbs aged in an alcohol-based solution.

  • Most dit da jow is made with cheap skin-irritant rubbing alcohol, or store-bought Vodka containing artificial flavoring and impurities that decrease jow purity. Plum Dragon Herbs’ dit da jow is made with the proper proof pharmaceutical-grade neutral grain spirits, independently certified to meet stringent US Pharmacopeia standards: What you buy is pure, potent and NATURAL!
  • Other products are made, stored and bottled in cheap plastic. Dit da jow solvent dissolves fragile plastic over time, polluting the liniment with toxic material! Plum Dragon Herb’s dit da jow is mixed, aged and bottled in glass to protect the purity of the formula and, most importantly, your health.

AGING—Many products on the market are only aged long enough to make usable. Plum Dragon Herbs’ dit da jow products are aged to maximum effectiveness in dark, climate controlled environments. Bottles have hand written dates designating when your jow was made. And because we bottle it on a “per-order” basis, batches keep aging beyond the formal aging process. Between underkill and overkill – We choose overkill!

APPLICATION—These replenishing, plant-derived analgesic formulas can be externally applied to the body to provide pain relief and nourishment. They are NOT designed for consumption. Do NOT ingest. Do not apply to open wounds or cuts, scrapes, broken skin, eyes or mouth at any time.

Why aren’t your products organic?
Quality and consistency are of utmost importance to us. Many of our customers craft new products from our raw ingredients and we strive to be able to provide them with as reliable a source for quality botanicals as possible so they can do so.

We are constantly looking for new farms that can meet our high standards and are happy that many very professional operations around the world are moving toward more sustainable methods. However, it is important to understand that most medicinal herbs grown worldwide are not grown within the strict guidelines that we would call “organic.” Many herbs grow wild in their indigenous habitat and are picked by local harvesters (vast wild areas of China are reserved by the Chinese government for this purpose). Even in USA, there are many wild-crafters, but few organic medicinal herb farms. So, although it remains impossible for now for us to make organic dit da jow (as there are so many herbs in each formula and we cannot source them all organically), we are still able to find very high quality, high purity products to serve you with.

Bulk Herbs Overview

PURITY & QUALITY— We stock the freshest, highest quality herbs for our dit da jow formulas and our whole herb customers. Sourced indigenously, our bulk herbs are geo-authentic are sulfur-free. We have wild-crafted herbs and herbs that have been lab-tested for potency and purity (COA). Wild crafted herbs are collected in their wild habitat, while leaving enough plant material so as to not compromise the abundance of the mother plant.

LAB TESTED HERBS—We stock and use lab-tested herbs whenever possible. If you require a certificate of analysis (COA) for your herbs, please inquire via email as to whether the current stock has a COA available. If not, we can usually get what you need if you let us know approximately 2 weeks in advance.

HERB GRINDING SERVICE—We offer you the service of grinding bulk herbs. This can be done for a maximum of 1 lb. of each herb ordered. Herb grinding produces a coarsely ground end product. In some cases, we are able to finely grind the product, but such must be specified or individually requested. Finely ground herbs ARE NOT POWDERED HERBS. The result is more akin to rough sand with bits of larger chunks in it.

POWDERED HERBS—We do not stock powdered herbs, but we can custom order just about any powdered herb you may need in minimum 1 lb. quantities. Please inquire via email and please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery of customer order herbs.

HERBAL EXTRACTS— We do not stock powdered herbs, but we can custom order just about any powdered herb you may need in minimum 1 lb. quantities. Please inquire via email and please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery of customer order herbs.

RARE HERBS—We are almost always able to find anything you are looking for even if you don’t find it on our website. If you need a specific herb that you can’t find, just ask us for it. We have an extensive network of incredible suppliers around the world who rarely fail us in sourcing what our customers need.

LARGE ORDERS, 100+ lbs.—Additionally, we do offer significant price breaks on 100 pounds or more of a single item.

Please email for quotes.

Do you offer information on how to take herbs?
We are prohibited by law from dispensing any advice on taking herbs as supplements or to help with any ailments. Please remember that natural herbs can be very powerful and we always suggest that you consult with a professional.

Teas Overview

BLACK TEA: Black tea is the most oxidized of all the teas, providing its deep color, rich flavor and high caffeine content.

OOLONG TEA: A traditional Chinese tea with medium oxidation, Oolong’s color and flavor fall between those of black and green tea.

GREEN TEA: Green tea is processed just after plucking, which minimizes oxidation and delivers a pale green color and distinct earthy flavor.

WHITE TEA: Derived from the young tea plant buds, white tea is the least processed giving it light color, sweet flavor and plenty of antioxidants.

HERBALS: These soothing caffeine-free teas are made from various blends of flowers, roots, fruits, leaves or seeds, and are often used for wellness purposes.


Herbs & Teas: A cool, dry, dark place is the best way to store dried herbs and teas. A well-sealed bag or glass jar in your kitchen cabinet will work fine. Dried fruits and berries contain more moisture than dried roots, barks and seeds, so you may wish to store these items (such as Da Zao (dates), Elderberries, and Gou Qi Zi (Goji berries), etc. in a refrigerated environment to prevent mold/mildew growth.

Dit Da Jow: Keep well-sealed and out of sunlight.

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