Why are your formulas dark in color?

All our dit da jow/topical analgesic formulas are pure and 100% natural whole herbs aged in pharmaceutical-grade neutral grain spirits. Our products do not contain any artificial flavoring or impurities that decrease jow purity. The dark color you see is simply the pure, unadulterated herbs that have been aged in its alcohol solution to maximum effectiveness in dark, climate controlled environments.


 Why should I use herbal medicine?

At Plum Dragon Herbs, we believe that whole plant compounds offer unparalleled health benefits with less side effects than conventional medicine. They are also very affordable and allow people the opportunity to take an active role in improving their overall health.

What is Dit Da Jow?

Dit Da Jow, roughly translated, means “hit fall wine.” It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It is created by soaking specific herbal blends in alcohol. Once the dit da jow has properly aged, it’s used as a liniment (a solution applied to the skin, topically).

How does Dit Da Jow work?

While each of our formulas is unique, some of the key benefits of Dit Da Jow include:

  • Anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Analgesic properties for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains.
  • Promoting increased circulation (which helps drive out stagnating fluid surrounding injuries).
  • Conditioning and strengthening properties.

Do you offer information on how to take herbs?

We are prohibited by law from dispensing any advice on taking herbs as supplements or to help with any ailments. Please remember that natural herbs can be very powerful and we always suggest that you consult with a professional.

Do you have any products for [my specific condition]?

We are not permitted by the FDA to offer any treatment advice on diagnosable medical conditions as they require that this info is obtained from a licensed medical practitioner. The formula that is most often used for pain and injuries is Ho Family Dit Da Jow.

What do you recommend for nerve pain?

 Ho Family Dit Da Jow is our best formula for nerve pain.

How do I pick which Dit Da Jow formula is right for me?

 As a starting point, we would recommend one of our top 3 formulas:

How often should I apply Dit Da Jow?

 For a minimum of 3 times a day for a couple of weeks. For more information, see: How to Use Dit Da Jow.

What is your strongest Jow for iron palm?

 Ancestors Advanced is a powerful iron palm training liniment. It uses a variety of very strong and rare ingredients geared toward advanced, rigorous iron palm training.

How do I use your products?

 Please see our instructions here: How to Use Dit Da Jow. Please note that the herb pack instructions are the second topic on this page.

I want to know the benefits of taking Spring Wine.

 Spring Wine is used for overall health, longevity, immunity, and vitality.

Are there any contraindications for your dit da jow?

 All of our dit da jow formulas have a blood thinning effect, some mild and some substantial. You should consult with a licensed medical practitioner to see if using a topical with a mild blood thinning effect will be acceptable.

How should I store Plum Dragon products?

 Herbs & Teas should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place. A well-sealed bag or glass jar in your kitchen cabinet will work fine. Dried fruits and berries contain more moisture than dried roots, barks and seeds, so you may wish to store these items (such as Da Zao (dates), Elderberries, and Gou Qi Zi (Goji berries), etc. in a refrigerated environment to prevent mold/mildew growth.

Dit Da Jow: Keep well-sealed and out of sunlight.

I have more questions. Where can I get help?

We invite you to check out our private forum with Josh Walker as our moderator, where you can get answers to some of your toughest questions on herbalism and martial arts.