Our story is really about the people who launched – and continue to carry on – the message of health and wellness through more conscious choices, and our loyal community of customers. It’s about taking risks in the “ring” – enabling a fighter or Iron Palm practitioner to strike better and faster, empowering a health evangelist to breathe new life into an established business. It’s about people inspiring other people to live life fully, passionately and with purity in today’s toxic world. And, of course, it’s about sourcing and showcasing the purest, most potent herbs found, mixed or distilled on the planet. Not exactly a secret anymore. So meet our team, then stop by our Facebook page and introduce yourself to us!
Lisa Ball, CEO Plum Dragon Herbs
***(See achievement certification from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, HERE.)*** “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates   Adversity often plays the role of midwife, ushering in the birth of a life’s purpose through pain. So was the case with Lisa Ball, President & Owner of PlumDragon Herbs.  


Like many health advocates, Lisa’s story began with a chronic illness – hers, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. After a harrowing hospital stay and the experience of lengthy and painful debilitation, doctors told Lisa there was very little they could do. Returning home, she dove into research, trial and error. Discovering just the right combination of food and supplements, she healed herself from the disease in just three week’s time. Her physicians were astounded. Her profound experience inspired Lisa’s mission to help others navigate toward wellness more naturally. As a personal health coach, she helps clients uncover their body’s natural inclination toward balance. A trained MFT (Morphogenic Field Technique) practitioner and certified health coach, Lisa embraces the science and art of drilling down to the cellular level, designing personalized nutrition maps to match the specific requirements of each body’s protocols. (Yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds!)


In 2013, Lisa merged her passion for natural healing and wellness with her entrepreneurial spirit, purchasing Plum Dragon Herbs, Inc. from founder and friend, Josh Walker. An ACE (American Council of Exercise) certified trainer and avid martial artist, Josh pulled in acupuncturists, herbalists and other experts in both modern and ancient Chinese herbal medicine to engineer the purest, most potent Dit Da Jow and other herbal formulas available on the market. Our loyal customers routinely and enthusiastically attest to reduced pain, increased strength and stamina, and faster recovery. Josh continues to serve on the team, lending consistent advice and expertise. (He still wants to watch his “baby” grow up!) Under Josh’s leadership. Plum Dragon Herbs, Inc. garnered a loyal base of martial artists, fitness practitioners and integrated healthcare providers. Now, with Lisa at the helm, she’s evangelizing the potency and purity of Dit Da Jow and ancient herbs to those who’ve yet to discover their powerful properties and quick results. Plum Dragon has been making a successful transition from the alternative health niche into the wider over-the-counter (OTC) analgesic category. We are proud of being able to achieve this without any significant formula modifications so as to maintain our high standards of purity and herbal quality. This transition allows us to reach a wider market and make in-roads into mainstream healthcare where options for natural pain management are desperately needed and sorely lacking. Company achievements: In 2016, Plum Dragon was awarded a 10,000 grant from Tedco to complete compliance review for FDA OTC analgesic category. In April 2017, Plum Dragon receives SBA loan from M&T, for expansion of inventory and regulatory compliance measures. In April, 2018: Plum Dragon received investment from Tedco, the state of Maryland's technology development company. Plum Dragon was the first ever recipient of Tedco's Rural Business Innovation Initiative Pre-Seed Funding. In September, 2018: Tedco supplies Plum Dragon with Gateway Executive, Iris Sherman, (experienced in biotech, bioscience and pharma)  as Plum Dragon's temporary COO, to improve and streamline manufacturing operations and inventory management. In October, 2018: Plum Dragon wins 25K grant from the Gull Cage Pitch Competition at the Shore Hatchery, Perdue Business School, Salisbury University  


At Plum Dragon Herbs, Inc. we’re not just running a business, we’re creating a robust and informed community. So, we think it’s critical that we continue to enlighten, inspire, and educate those who stop by our site, as well as invite visitors to stick around and learn with us. To that end, our blog is authored by John Wenger, a certified personal trainer, and unparalleled health and fitness researcher and writer and his wife, Sarah, who is both an educator and research writer from Baltimore, Md. She holds a B.S. in Chemistry and is currently completing a M.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Her research interests include: the gut-brain axis, fate of environmental pollutants, and environmental epidemiology. Sarah is also a cross country, track & field coach and avid runner. This husband and wife duo tackles topics near and dear to the hearts and minds of marital artists, fitness ninjas, and regular everyday folks who want to learn to heal themselves naturally, and advanced health practitioners who want to increase their knowledge and use of natural healing methods and products. They've combined extensive nutritional research with physical and biological science to develop effective training programs for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts, so they knows thier stuff. They invite our customers to learn and talk about topics such as maximizing work-outs via nutrition, minimizing downtime, kicking delayed muscle soreness (DOMS), and achieving maximum flexibility. Oh yeah - and in the process – they might just talk a bit about the superb healing and conditioning properties of herbs! Please connect and share with us on all the social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Tell us your story (and your experiences with our herbs) because your story is an important part of ours!