Welcome to the Plum Dragon Herbs Dit Da Jow Recipe Compendium! Below are powerful dit da jow ingredients, dit da wan, and iron palm dit da jow recipes for martial artists and athletes. For those not wanting Pre-made dit da jow or pre-made Herb Packs, we offer this resource of dit da jow ingredients and recipes. While we don't endorse all these dit da jow recipes, we're happy to provide you with the herbal dit da jow ingredients to try whichever recipe you'd like!

Each formula is standardized to make 1 gallon of dit da jow. Below, you will see the name of the recipe and the dit da jow ingredients listed below the name. Any dit da jow ingredient that's linked is a herb we offer in the store.

External Injury

Qi Li San Variation

Notes: Sometimes used as a base for more complicated recipes. Often referred to as Wing Chun formula.

Shaolin Wu Xiang Jiu (Five Fragrance Wine)

North Shaolin Training Dit Da Jow Recipe Ingredients Northern Praying Mantis Bruise Dit Da Jow Ingredients
Ancient Way/Monks Fist Dit Da Jow Recipe Ingredients
Cao Chong Dit Da Jow Ingredients
Traditional Wing Chun Dit Da Jow Recipe Ingredients


Tom Bisio Trauma Liniment
Tendon Lotion


Hong Zi Su Ye Gao
Die Da Hao Fang Injury Dit Da Jow Ingredients


External - Iron Palm / Conditioning

  Golden Lotus Iron Palm/Body Dit Da Jow Recipe Ingredients

*NOTE: Measurements were modified to make this suitable for a 1-1.5 gallon recipe.


Ku Yu Cheong Iron Palm Dit Da Jow Ingredients Shaolin External Iron Palm Wine Shattering Palm Iron Palm Dit Da Jow Ingredients Lau Family Die Da Jiu Fang Training Wine


Internal - Injury

Huo Luo Xiao Ling Dan Jia Wei


Gu Zhe Tang (Bone Break Decoction)


Shang Jin Dong Gu Wan


Shi Chuan Xiu Xue Tang (General Purpose Stop Blood Formula)


Internal - Tonic / Training

Shou Gong San (Harvest the Training Powder)


Seven Seeds Training Tonic


Tiger Bone Training Wine

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