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Plum Dragon offers Chinese herbal supplements, herbal tea pills, and topical analgesic herbal plasters for pain relief and to help further support recovery from injury and optimal wellness. Plum Flower brand's Great Mender and Gecko Tonic Chinese herbal pills are excellent companion therapies to use internally while using Dit Da Jow externally to help support the body's natural healing processes.  Gui Zhi Shao Yao Zhi Mu Tang internal powder can be used synergistically with externally applied Ancestors Advanced Dit Da Jow for support of healthy joints and management of arthritis pain. 

Topical analgesic Chinese herbal plasters like San Huang San and Hua Tuo plasters should be kept on hand to use instead of ice on fresh injuries. If you have been using ice for acute trauma injuries, make the switch NOW to herbal San Huang San plaster or its liquid equivalent, Herbal Ice and you will see for yourself the dramatic difference in your recovery speed. 

We also offer Chinese herbal supplements to support immunity and healthy immune response, vitality and healthy stress response, and to support healthy mood balance.

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