Arthritis & chronic injury


Arthritis & chronic injury information

Arthritis Remedy that really works!

This is the go-to pain relief formula for those with arthritis and persistent injuries that won't seem to heal.

Intense training takes its toll on the body's tendons, ligaments and joints. Even just the everyday wear and tear of a long and active life can cause degeneration of the body's connective tissue and cartilage. Sometimes many years of a poor diet have robbed the body of essential nutrients to keep the body strong and able to quickly heal from injury. If you are suffering from painful degeneration or injuries that just won't heal, this remedy is for you!

Traditionally known as Ancestors Advanced Dit Da Jow, this natural arthritis remedy contains some of the strongest Chinese herbs on the planet to strongly open circulation and support the body's natural bone and joint strengthening process. 

The Ancestors Advanced formula powerfully relieves arthritis pain and delivers potent nutrition topically - right through your skin - to the places that most need healing support. 

You won't believe the relief you can achieve with this arthritis remedy until you have tried it for yourself. It is unlike anything else on the market for helping to relieve arthritis pain and support the body's ability to heal itself from painful degeneration and chronic injury. 

Application Instructions: Apply liberally as needed, 3x daily. 


You can make your own 1 gallon of formula at home by mixing the 1 gallon herb pack with vodka in a 1 gallon jug. This process takes a minimum of 6 months to reach full strength potency. You can order the herb pack and the jug from us, or you can order the herb pack and provide your own jug. No vodka is provided and must be supplied by the purchaser.

Complete instructions are included with your purchase and can also be viewed on our website, here.

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