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athletic conditioning INFORMATION

In order to improve athletic and sports performance, physical conditioning and intense training of the body is needed. Physical conditioning usually has multiple components, aimed at increasing power, strength, speed, balance, agility, flexibility, coordination, and endurance

Physical stamina is required to improve all aspects of athletic performance. An athlete's body must be trained to withstand ever-increasing impacts and demands. It must also recover quickly to stay in the game. 

Plum Dragon offers an array of products to help an athlete of any level improve his or her athletic conditioning. If you train in any contact sport, martial art, or combat art - if you are a rock climber, runner, triathlete, lifter, dancer, cyclist, wrestler, gymnast, or yoga practitioner - WE HAVE SOMETHING TO HELP YOU IMPROVE YOUR ATHLETIC CONDITIONING!

Our series of topical athletic conditioning formulas help support the body's need to recover quickly from injuries and strengthen itself against future injuries. 

Our Flexibility Liniment and Flexibili-Tea helps the body remain loose and avoid injuries caused by tight muscles. 

And, our internal tonics and herbal teas for training help provide powerful nutrition to support the cellular repair that is needed on a daily basis when training hard. 

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