Ho Family Dit Da Jow


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“Thrilled to have found this. I have used Sombra, Arnica Gel, Tiger Balm, etc. NONE COMPARE. A HUGE fan!”

~Madeline M., Plum Dragon customer

A powerful, nutrient rich, 100% natural and herbal topical pain reliever.

Simply cover the injured area with solution, and gently massage into skin 3x daily for best results.

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Ho Family Dit Da Jow

  • 4 oz. bottle, pre-aged
  • 1/2 gallon jug, pre-aged

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Very warming

Therapeutic Actions

  • Topical Analgesic
  • For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with sprains, strains and arthritis.
  • Especially potent for muscle injuries, tendonitis, shoulder injuries, and pain management.

This dit da jow is Plum Dragon’s best selling formula! It is very warming and strong in its action to break stasis and manage pain. It is particularly useful for muscle injuries, tendonitis and nerve pain. This product is not for fresh injuries but should be used once initial bruising, inflammation and redness has subsided. Because of its nice balance of both healing and conditioning properties, and the strength of its action, it has become customer favorite.

Plum Dragon Herbs is interested in your feedback on this liniment, and we would appreciate any comments you may have. If you like this formula, please give it a rating and leave a comment in the review section to the left telling us how it worked for you so others can learn from your experiences.


For EXTERNAL use only.  Do NOT apply to open wounds or cuts, scrapes, broken skin, eyes or mouth at any time.


Additional information

Weight11 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 5.5 in

4 Ounce Bottle, Half Gallon Jug w/$4 Shipping Insurance

12 reviews for Ho Family Dit Da Jow

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Josh Morley

    Review froms
    Luis E Montes
    Posted as requested on his behalf by Plum Dragon Herbs

    This formula works great. It works so good for me I’m still on my first bottle which was bought at least 6 months ago. I will, for sure, buy another one to keep on hand.

  2. Lou Voiler

    Both shoulders are pretty beat up from years of abuse. I used the Biggie formula 3-5 times a day for 3 days and felt a noticeable improvement and was able to begin training hard again. I apply it before and after workouts and have noticed “Mornings After,” actually are almost pain free. Amazing stuff.

  3. Nicole

    I have been using this for 5 days now and it has helped with the pain and inflammation from a serious long term chronic injury to my lower back. It absorbs and dries quickly on the skin with a noticeable warming effect. Interestingly the skin feels normal in temperature to touch, but the muscles feel warm inside. I also used it on my acute strained wrist for a day and it’s already all better! Love this stuff.

  4. Frank Dukes

    I purchased the Ho Family Dit Da Jow a week ago and I am impressed with the results. I have been experiencing pain in my upper back and neck area and also in my lower spine. After just a few days using the Jow I have had a significant pain reduction in my back and neck. I apply at night after showering and look forward to the soothing warming effect it has on my body. I also have been using this Jow in conjunction with the Ancestors Jow to condition my hands after Iron Palm (gravel) training with incredible results.
    Buy this Jow…it works!

  5. Benjamin

    Its really taken my iron bone training up a notch as it helps my recovery happen faster.
    The only thing to keep in mind that it dries out your hands (probably the higher alcohol content) so have some lotion available.

  6. fall7rise8

    I train at a Kung Fu Academy close by in Columbia, Maryland and am also part of the school’s Lion Dance Team, contributing as a musician. Over the last couple of years I have had to deal with a debilitating level of arthritis in my hips which has prevented me from participating as an actual Lion dancer. I have tried a number of herbal remedies during this time as well as having had back surgery this year which was necessary to correct a related spinal issue. Plum Dragon’s dit da jow was recommended to me by a friend who also trains at the Academy, and I have to say without question that it has been the most effective topical preparation I have ever tried. Period. I have been using the Ho Family dit da jow for just under two weeks now applying it two to three times a day, and where there was some immediate comfort upon the first application, I have noticed just in the last day or two a more profound and longer lasting positive response from the sore and damaged tissue in both my hips. This is not wishful thinking nor am I imagining things are better. My body is responding to this preparation and my hope is that at some point in the relatively near future…six months…a year…whatever it my be…I will be able to get inside that Lion head and dance. I certainly recommend a bottle of Ho Family dit da jow to anyone with a serious arthritic condition to give it a try. It may work for you, and I know it is beginning to work for me.

  7. Jennifer

    I am a HUGE Ho Family Dit Da Jow fan. I first learned about jow while training traditional Shaolin gong fu and I’ve yet to come across a better recipe. I recently dislocated and fractured my ankle, and ruptured the ligaments. It was a pretty serious injury that would normally take months to heal. I decided to remove my plaster splint early and began massaging the jow into it every day. I still have a week to go before I’m technically supposed to get the splint removed and I’m already up and walking! I am able to practice yoga and nearly all of the stiffness is gone in the ankle. This is a none short of a miracle!! Thank you Plum Dragon for offering such amazing herbal recipes, I am so grateful for the healing!

  8. Chic Palmeri

    I was one of the 15% unlucky ones who experienced nerve damage as a result of shingles which I had over 4 years ago. The nerve damage has continued to cause pain whenever anything (including clothes) touch the area on the right side of my back and under my arm. I can not tell you how well your product worked on removing the sensitivity of that nerve damage after only a few applications. I wish I had been introduced to this “miracle” product long ago.

  9. Jennifer

    Hi guys! So, I received my order today and immediately put it on according to directions on the website after reviewing and re-reviewing the method to ensure understanding, lol. I know it’s premature to say this, but I am feeling a difference already. It sounds biased I am sure for a first timer using this, but I can already see why my Sifus tout the benefits of the healing properties of Jow. I have a knee injury currently from trying to be superwoman in the gym and it is taking a while to heal so I figured I would go this route. I can now join my Sifus in chorus about how effective Jow is. I am trying to guard this 4oz bottle with my life, lol. I am sure a little goes a long way, but I hope to be buying more things from you guys in the near future! I am so glad I found you guys…

  10. madeline m.

    Thrilled to have found this. I wanted a product that was respectfully crafted and authentic and did some research first, finding Plum Dragon. I have a torn rotator cuff, was suffering from dull constant aches and limited range of motion. I use this before AND after therapeutic stretching and it’s really great. All of my symptoms are greatly reduced as I heal. I have used Sombra, Arnica Gel, Tiger Balm, etc. None compare. Stay away from ice, get the Qi going with this and be gentle with yourself. A HUGE fan!

  11. Tara

    My husband tore his rotator cuff and was in a lot of pain. Surgery is not an option for him at this time so I was looking for alternative remedies to get him comfortable. It hurt him so bad, he couldn’t even lay in our bed to sleep. He had to sleep sitting in a recliner. I bought a bottle of Dit Da Jow hoping for some relief for him. After using it several times a day, every day, the pain started subsiding and he could actually move his arm. We continue to apply the Dit Da Jow several times a day! This product is AMAZING! This is actually healing his shoulder! He has not taken any pain meds, ibuprofen, etc. and is getting better every day! I never would have believed this would make such a difference given his injury but it did and continues to heal his shoulder!

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ken Ducote

    I have been suffering with arthritis in my foot for several years. Used all the usual things. Tiger Balm, Dragon Balm etc, but nothing worked. The medical doc suggested OTC meds. Hummm. No relief there. Been involved in the martial arts for 40 years and I do have some “war wounds” to show for it. For our anniversary my wife bought me the HO Family Dit Da Jow. All I can say is I am now a believer. Although this may not cure arthritis, it is the best thing I’ve ever used for relief of discomfort. Five stars here.

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