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Dit Da Jow | Ancestors Advanced


Ancestors Advanced Topical Arthritis and Conditioning Formula

Ancestors Advanced Dit Da Jow is a traditional Chinese herbal liniment used for martial arts training, advanced iron palm training, arthritis pain, injury recovery and much more! Our unique formula is made from a blend of high-quality, all-natural herbs that are known to promote healing and reduce pain. It's specially formulated for maximum effectiveness and can be used for sprains, strains, and arthritic pain relief. As a natural alternative to over-the-counter pain relief, Ancestors Advanced Dit Da Jow is a must-have for any martial artist, athlete, senior or everyday active person.

Over time, the body takes a lot of abuse, whether from everyday living, or from rigorous training. This concentrated nutritive Dit Da Jow liniment relieves arthritis pain and supports healthy bones and joints for people of any age or activity level. It is great for conditioning and maintaining the strength of specific areas of the body that sustain greater impact trauma.


This is the go-to pain relief formula for those with arthritis and persistent injuries that won't seem to heal.  (If you have swollen/rheumatoid arthritis, you may have the best results using our Bruise Juice formula).

For Martial Artists:  Based on Zhu Chuan Ying-Gong Jiu, the Ancestors Advanced Iron Palm dit da jow is intended for advanced training with steel or lead shot, iron ore, or other dense mediums used in various Iron Palm systems, as well as force impact, advanced coconut break training, and direct hitting methods. Perfect for use following the Hung Gar Level 2 Iron Palm pack.  

This dit da jow formula contains large doses of the strongest herbs on the planet to strongly open circulation, move energy to the hands, and support the body's natural bone/sinew strengthening process. This formula is also more effective than other Iron Palm dit da jow formulas for striking steel or iron directly. It has also shown popularity by those who do large amounts of qigong and energy circulation in conjunction with Iron Palm training.

When used solely for Iron Palm or boxing training purposes, this formula is best for advanced practitioners.

Customer Reviews

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Brandon Bunting
Plum Dragon Review

Outstanding product that delivers amazing results!

Rand Palmer
This is the 5th bottle I’ve bought

Superior dit da jow that relieves my arthritis pain from years of martial arts training and competitions

Helped improve my mums shoulder

I bought this on reccommendation for my mum, whos been suffering from a shoulder pain from a while ago, we put it on her shoulder before bedtime, when it usually flares up, its slowly but surely helping, shes stop taking pain meds and is sleeping better (one week of treatment) She'll definately be carrying on with it!

David Marshall

Dit Da Jow | Ancestors Advanced

Xan Sanders
Dit Da Jow

This Dit Da Jow tincture really does a wonder!! I applied to two fingers where they hurt the most. My left pinky finger and right middle finger both have arthritis pain. With this tincture really does lessen the pain. It's been almost three weeks and I can even type the keyboard and take care of errands. I'm still applying them even if I have another pain anywhere which will help to alleviate. Thank you for this wonderful product!!

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