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Ban Xia (Pinellia Ternata)


Ban Xia (Pinellia Ternata)

Pinellia ternata; Rhizoma Pinelliae; Crow Dipper


Acrid, Warm

Channels Entered:

Spleen, Stomach, Lung, Heart


Stops Coughing, Drying Phlegm, Stops Vomitting, Calms Stomach, Treats Skin Sores and Ulcerations

Other Information: 

A flowering plant, Pinella is part of the Aracease family native to southern Cina and Japan (also growing in eastern North America). Crow Dipper has green flowers and has earned the nickname "green dragon." Pinella has a fast reproductive speed from its seed. Once processed, the Pinella is referred to as Ban Xia. 

Ban Xia is one of the best herbs for treating disturbances of the digestive system and Phlegm conditions. Crow Dipper has also been said to inhibit the growth of cancer cells while reducing swelling internally and externally. It can be powdered and combined with the white of an egg, the applied to the skin for breast furuncle and back cellulitis. The Zhi Ban Xia herb has also shown promising results for treating tubercular lesions, contact dermatitis, and autoimmune disorders. 

Do not use Ban Xia with dry cough or hemoptysis. The fresh Zhi Ban Xia herb is toxic and should only be used externally. When prepared with ginger, it is the next most toxic and when paired with alumen it is the least toxic. If there is numbness or burning in the throat, or nauseous feeling, these are signs of toxicity; use raw ginger to contradict these an antidote. Other ways to eliminate the toxicity of the raw Zhi Ban Xia herb are licorice and lime, Ban Xia refers to the processed (and non-toxic) variety of Pinella. 

The Zhi Ban Xia herb is not compatible with Aconite and counteracts Hai Zao and Yi Tang. It is most commonly combined with Chen Pi, Xi Xin or Gan Jiang, Huang Qin, and Fu Ling to help with abdominal pain, vomiting, lum Phlegm-Heat, or nausea respectively. 


*** Product may differ depending on the supplier, however, they are still of the highest quality. Please contact with any questions. 

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