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Bing Lang (Areca Seed / Betel Nut)


Chinese Herb Bing Lang

Other Names: 

Bing Lang Herb, Areca Seed, Betel Nut, Semen Aracea


Acrid, Slightly Warm

Channels Entered:

Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Spleen, Stomach


Kills and Removes Parasites, Relieves Nausea

Other Information:

The Areca Palm is native to Asia, eastern Africa, and the tropical Pacific. The Bing Lang herb is the nut or seed of this plant.

The primary function of Bing Lang is to kill parasites of the intestines. These can include but are not limited to, pinworms, hookworms, threadworms, fasciolosis, and Blood flukes. This herb works best when killing tapeworms. After the parasite has been killed, the Bing Lang herb promotes downward drainage that expels the bodies.

The downward drainage of this herb also relieves those suffering from Qi and food stagnation that has led to constipation or diarrhea as well as pain. Bing Lang also relieves nausea. 

Some studies have shown that this herb also has a positive impact on patients with Malarial disorders, Polio (deactivation), influenza, rabies, and herpes. It can also be prepared as a tea to prevent miasma. Another effect of this herb is that it causes muscle activation, relieving pain. The areca nut also has a mild stimulant effect and can heighten awareness. 

Bing Lang is commonly combined with Mu Xiang, Zhi Shi, and Ting Li Zi as well as other herbs. The Mu Xiang combination works to solve Qi stagnation and food acculturation. Zhi Shi combines with Bing Lang to resolve acute dysenteric disorders. Lastly, the Ting Li Zi should be combined with Bing Lang when wheezing and phlegm are both present. 

Da Fu Pi has similar effects to the Bing Lang herb, but is more lightweight and descends Qi more moderately compared to the violent nature of Bing Lang. 

Caution should be used with using all traditional Chinese medicine, but those with collapsed Middle Qi, pregnancy, or dysenteric disorders without tenesmus should avoid using the Bing Lang herb. In addition, this herb can exacerbate certain effects in schizophrenics and neuroleptics if it is used over a longer period of time, particularly when combined with antipsychotics. Some signs of overdose are vomiting, diuresis, stupor, and heavy salivation. 

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Areca Seed, sliced

The product is clean and lovely. I made tea with it. The flavor is pleasant.

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