Plum Dragon Herbs

Black Tea, Organic (India)


A strong cup of organic black tea, fragrant bouquet, and beautiful hazel color.

Organic Black Tea

The most amazing flowering orange pekoe black tea from Southern Mountains of India.  A perfect base for creating any blend and delicious on its own, too.

Brewing Instructions

Begin with cold water.  Preheat teapot. Use approximately 3 grams of tea leaves for 6 oz. water.  Use .5 oz. tea leaves per quart.  For tea, steep 4 minutes.

***Brew herbal teas as black teas, with water to a rolling boil.  POUR OVER tea or herbal. DO NOT boil botanicals in the water when making tea.

Use discretion and taste to produce a brew-strength equal to 3 grams of tea per 6 oz. water.

Customer Reviews

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John Griffiths
Jow kit and Tea

Everything arrived on time. I like the tea a lot. The Jow has yet to be prepped but it has that good Jow smell!

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