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Dit Da Jow | Original Bruise Dit Da Jow Formula (Herb Packs)



Bruise Dit Da Jow

Bruise Dit Da Jow is the da jow with the healing touch. This pack of 16 healing herbs produces our premade bruise/injury dit da jow. This aromatic dit da jow is well balanced in energy and action. A synergistic mix of herbs work to break blood stasis from bruising and injury while relieving pain and inflammation of athletic injury. It also concurrently stimulates the body's healing response to generate new tissues at the site of injury. Healing times can be drastically reduced by using this dit da jow consistently 2-3 times per day on injuries. This dit da jow has no toxic or harsh ingredients, and is easy on the skin while performing a tremendous job in its healing properties.



Angelica Tails, Corydalis, Frankincense, Myrrh, Rhubarb, Pseudoginseng, Turmeric, Safflower, White Peony, Gardenia, Lycium Bark, Peach Kernel, Dragons Blood, Mint Leaf, Angelica Premature, Raw Rehmannia, Citrus Peel.


For EXTERNAL use only.  Do NOT apply to open wounds or cuts, eyes or mouth at any time.

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