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Chai Hu (Thorowax Root)


Chinese Herb: Chai Hu Herb

(Thorowax Root); Bupleurum Chinense; Radix Bupleuri

Chai Hu, known as Bupleurum but also known as Thorowax Root, is a herb primarily used for Wind-Heat conditions. It has an uncanny ability to open the Liver and strong ascending and dispersing functions. It is often said to harmonize the interior and exterior.


Bitter, acrid, cool

Channels Entered

Liver, Gallbladder

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Susan Ramirez
Chai Hu

First time buying from Plum Dragon. Really happy with the experience. Will be buying again!

Maksim Chmykhalov
Very good

At first it was very bitter and I didn’t like it but I slowly got used to the flavoring and love it I can really feel the heat in my liver and gallbladder it feels so relieving because I have gallbladder issues and this really helps! It’s so calming and relieving! 10/10 would recommend to my friends and family!

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