Plum Dragon Herbs

Chuan Wu (Zhi) (Sichuan Aconite)


Chuan Wu Zhi(Aconite Wutou, Sichuan Aconite)

Prepared Aconitum Carmichaeli; Radix Aconiti Preparata

Prepared Cao Wu is also available.

Prepared Chuan Wu Aconite is acrid, bitter, and very hot. Non-prepared aconite is also very toxic and is only available in its processed form. It is also one of the most important herbs in the Materia Medica. While other herbs might having a hotter energy, Aconite defines the most yang herb of the Materia Medica.


Acrid, bitter, hot, extremely toxic

Channels Entered

Heart, Liver, Spleen

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