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Di Yu (Sanguisorba)


Di Yu (Sanguisorba)

Di Yu Herb, Sanguisorba Root, Garden Burnet Root, Burnet-Bloodwort Root, Sanguisorba Officinalis; Radix Sanguisorbae


Bitter, Sour, Cool

Channels Entered:

Liver, Large Intestine, Stomach 


Stops Bleeding, Antibacterial, Astringent, Antimicrobial

Other Information:

In the Northern Hemisphere, Sanguisorba grows as a small perennial shrub and is commonly known as burnet. There are over thirty species of Sanguisorba and Di Yu is the root of Sanguisorba Officinalis

Bleeding caused by hemorrhoids, dysentery, in the uterus, and hemifacial can be stopped by Cooling the blood, which is a major function of the Di Yu herb. Di Yu is one of the best cooling-astringent hemostasis herbs. Topically, Di Uy can clear toxic heat to heal ulcers, burns, and sores. It also helps the presentation process of new flesh while being astringent. When applied with sesame oil, it can be used on first through fourth-degree burns. The raw juice of Garden Burnet Root is best for sores and carbuncles. 

Some of the most common herbal combinations of Di Yu are Ki Shen, Qian Cao Gen, and Huai Hua Mi. Ku Shen and Di Yu are applied topically as a plaster to burns, eczema, and skin lesions to provide relief. Qian Cao Gen should be used with Di Yu in the treatment of hemorrhage. Huai Hua Mi works best with Di Yu when stopping uterine bleeding, intestinal bleeding, and bleeding hemorrhoids. 

Those with Blood Stasis, Deficiency Cold, and Heat dysentery should avoid using Di Yu. While Garden Burnet Root can be applied effectively to burns, those that cover a large area of the body are not suitable for treatment by the Di Yu herb. 

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