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E Bu Shi Cao (Centipeda)


Chinese Herb: E Bu Shi Cao (Centipeda herb)

Centipedia Minima; Herba Centipedae

Categorically similar to herbs such as Bai Zhi and Xin Yi Hua, E Bu Shi Cao is an exterior releasing herb, wind-cold specifically. E Bu Shi Cao benefits the joints and is one of the less commonly used herbs for athletic injury, or joint conditions that manifest due to athletic training/exercise.


Acrid, Warm

Channels Entered

Lung, Liver 

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Jessica Bittner
Thank you for this important herb/

American Dragon has a formula for spring allergies. A combination of
E Bu Shi Cao, Er Cha, Borneola, in Sesame oil, works very well to stop sneezing, eyes watering, irritated throat. It seems to stop inflammation of the mucus membraines in the respiratory tract.

Potent anti inflammatory, pleasant taste

Tastes like Tulsi and lemongrass mixed together, but more mild. Seems quite potent. Helped with too the pain I didn't realize was there after existing so long. Not as strong of an effect on headaches, but seems to work well for neuropathy and localized pain. It possibly might be helping with restoring my hair. My eyebrows and eyelashes seem quite a lot thicker and more numerous and it looks like some baby hairs at my hairline are coming in after systemic inflammation caused major hair loss for years. It's been a little over a week of a mild cup each day. So far, so good!

Mary England
Wonderfully prepared

Great quality herb and a very large quantity.

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