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Fang Ji Fen (Stephania Root)


Fang Ji (Fen) (Stephania Root)

Stephaniae Tetandrae 

(Fen) Fang Ji, specifically Han Fang Ji, is a wind-damp dispelling herb with a rather interesting radial pattern in the root--while perhaps not scientifically relevant, we've noted many of the herbs with similar properties share this type of pattern.

Fang Ji (Fen) acts to dispel wind and dampness to relieve pain and promotes diuresis.

(Fen) Fang Ji is perhaps most notable for its pain-relieving ability, especially in the lower regions of the body. It has a remarkable analgesic effect on swollen, painful, or hot joints.


Bitter, cold

Channels Entered

Spleen, Kidney


Customer Reviews

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Sally Mae
Stephania tetrandra root

So grateful to be able to try this herb. I was afraid it would taste strongly bitter but I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t overpower the other herbs in my teas. Also grateful that the quality is so high. The order came much faster than expected. I look forward to trying more of Plum Dragon Herbs in the future.

Deloris Hamil
Stephania Root is great

I use Stephania Root for my tick illness - it is an essential for me. The Stephania Root from Plum Dragon works great!

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