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Gunpowder Green Tea (Lu Cha)


Camellia sinensis

This delicious Chinese green tea is centuries old, and the appearance of the rolled leaves greatly resemble gunpowder pellets. The green tea leaves are rolled this way to protect the quality of the tea leaves and preserve freshness.  This green tea delivers a full-bodied cup with occasional smoky notes and a lingering citrus flavor. For a special treat, try mixing with fresh mint leaves or a squeezed lemon, or in the warm weather, try gunpowder green tea on ice!

Green tea has a cooling energy, allowing it to clear energetic heat and mildly dry dampness.  Green tea is much colder than Oolong and this comes through in the flavor; where Oolong has a mild sweetening, woody flavor, Green tea has a more popping bitterness. Both teas, however, are useful for stomach disorders and removing dampness in the form of grease and fat from the body.

Brewing Instructions

Begin with cold water.  Preheat teapot. Use approximately 3 grams of tea leaves for 6 oz. water.  Use .5 oz. tea leaves per quart.  For tea, steep 4 minutes.

***Brew herbal teas as black teas, with water to a rolling boil.  POUR OVER tea or herbal. DO NOT boil botanicals in the water when making tea.

Use discretion and taste to produce a brew-strength equal to 3 grams of tea per 6 oz. water.

Customer Reviews

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Renee Lau
Excellent Value!

My order for both the Gunpower (LuCha) Tea and the Perilla (Shiso) seeds were filled promptly and shipped in good order. Thank-you. I have sown some seeds and await their bloom. The Gunpower tea is of good quality and taste.

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