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He Shou Wu, Fo-Ti (Polygonum Root)


Chinese Herb: He Shou Wu (Polygonum Root)

Polygonum Multiflorum; Polygoni Multiflori Radix

Polygonum  Multiflorum Root or fleeceflower is also often called Ho Shou Wu and Fo Ti Tieng. He Shou Wu, the proper name and spelling for this herb, translates as He's Black Hair, referring to an old Chinese legend about General He. The stories about General He vary, but what remains constant is that aside from this herb giving him longevity in life, it restored his hair to a natural youthful color.

Polygonum is classified as a Blood tonic, and an important and popular one at that. Nourishing and moistening in its action, this herb is used in a variety of tonic recipes and is a well-known herb used for overall health and longevity. It is sweet and bitter, and slightly warm in energy, and enters the Liver and Kidney meridians.

Method of preparation: Once tubers are selected from the crop, they are soaked and cleaned from any debris; they are then set to air-dry and are sliced. Once they are sliced they are boiled with black (prepared) soy beans to reduce the harsh action on the digestive tract. Once they are boiled the slices are set to dry in the sun. After this they are steamed and set to
dry again for a total of 9 times.


Sweet, bitter, astringent, slightly warm

Channels Entered:

Kidney, Liver


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lincoln agner
good product

big difference between raw fo ti and cured fo ti
would be a repeat customer

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