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Dit Da Jow | Hung Gar Iron Palm Formula (Level 1) (Herb Packs)


Hung Gar Iron Palm Dit Da Jow (Level 1)

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Circulated throughout Southern Kung Fu, Plum Dragon Herbs & Dit Da Jow offers this intricate Iron Palm recipe, which shares most of its ingredients with the Ku Yu Cheong Iron Palm formula. While this recipe is quite similar, it has continued to evolve and is unique in its own right. We apply all the traditional preparation techniques and trade secrets in creating this herb pack to perform optimally for iron palm training--this is *not* an injury liniment.

Among the list of over 25 herbs in this iron palm dit da jow, some are rare and difficult to procure, and quite expensive. This herb pack contains all the obscure herbs and Pao Zhi with nothing held back! Now, it is available at PlumDragonHerbs for those interested in working with this liniment.

LEVEL 1: Very similar to Ku Yu Cheong and Ark Wong iron palm formulas, the small hand recipe incorporates powerful herbs for early stage iron palm/hand training; strong herbs (including Tu Bie Chong) begin the process of strengthening bone/sinew, increasing circulation in the hands, and keeping them injury-free during intense training. An engaging, nectareous aroma emanates from the finished product.


Pyrite, Safflower, Dragon Bone, Clematis, Acanthopanax, Frankincense, Wingless Cockroach, Sappan Wood, Cnidium, Angelica Tails, Dispacus, Catechu, White Angelica, Notpterygium, Cinnamon Twig, White Peony, Bur-Reed, Auklandia, Siler, Red Peony, Tinospora, Bugleweed, Peach Kernal, Akebia, Tricosanthes, Cinnamon Bark.

This product has some potent herbs. Please exercise caution when performing iron palm routines and use this dit da jow properly.  DO NOT allow the liniment to contact cuts, scrapes, or broken skin and apply this liniment only to the area being conditioned.


For EXTERNAL use only.  Do NOT apply to open wounds or cuts, eyes or mouth at any time.

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