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Ji Xue Cao (Gotu Kola)


Chinese Herb Ji Xue Cao (Gotu Kola)

Ji Xue Cao, Gotu Kola), Asiatic Pennywort, Indian Pennywort, Centella Asiatica; Centellae Herba


Acrid, Bitter, Cold

Channels Entered:

Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Small Intestine, Large Intestine 


Purges Fire, Clears Heat, Promotes Diuresis

Other Information:

Pennywort is a flowering perennial that grows in the wetlands of Southeast Asia and the Southeastern United States. Traditionally the Pennywort herb is grown aquatically but can be grown in soil that is watered very regularly. This plant is used for both culinary and medical reasons. Culinarily, the Pennywort herb is used in many cultures, most commonly as the main ingredients in many salads. In medicine, it is known as Ji Xue Cao. 

Ji Xue Cao is used in the traditional treatment of many diseases and organ dysfunction such as jaundice and dysentery, as well as sores, scabies, abscesses. Other abdominal issues that result from eruptive diseases or urinary tract infections also react positively to Ji Xue Cao. It has also been used to treat traumatic injuries though reducing pain and swelling. Some research has found Ji Xue Cao to be useful in treating a disease of the eye such as cataracts and glaucoma. 

Its ability to stop bleeding and cool blood make Ji Xue Cao useful for nosebleeds, uterine bleeding, and bloody urine. As well, Ji Xue cap can be combined with Zi Hua Di Ding, Ru Xiang, Ge Gen, and Zhi Mu to help with sores and obsessed, trauma pain, dysentery and summer heat stroke respectively. When using the Pennywort herb, be cautious as it can cause vomiting. 

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Connie Kerns
Plum Dragon is wonderful to work with excellent service.

great quality products, thank you.

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