Jiang Huang (Turmeric Rhizome)


Chinese Herb: Jiang Huang Herb (Turmeric Rhizome)

Circuma Longa; Curcumae Longae Rhizoma

Turmeric, getting its yellow color from the Circumin content in the herb, is a highly revered and versatile herb in both Chinese herbalism as well as in Ayurveda, where it is known as "Haldi." It is also one of the 3 basic ingredients which are used to make curry powder used in many Indian meals. Turmeric has a history of showing up in dit da jow recipes and is also used in modern times for sports injuries. Dry turmeric root is acrid and bitter, having a warm energy in nature.


Acrid, bitter, warm

Channels Entered

Spleen, Liver

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