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Dit Da Jow | Ku Yu Cheong Iron Palm Formula


Famous iron palm dit da jow which many other iron palm formulas are based on. Aged nearly 2 years!

Ku Yu Cheong Iron Palm Dit Da Jow, 4 oz. pre-aged

Famous Iron Palm dit da jow which many other Iron Palm formulas are based on. This is the FULL version and is still currently filled with Tu Bie Chong, Bai Hua She, Wu Ling Zhi, and Hai Long (whenever available).

This is a "must-try" Iron Palm formula and is the original formula used by Iron Palm master Ku Yu Cheong. It helps with blood circulation, and removal of stagnation and inflammation. It also helps to heal and strengthen bone and sinew. It is a relatively cooling formula with some very strong herb combinations and is used before and after Iron Palm training. It is not principally an injury a formula but is useful for sprains and strains, and arthritic complaints. It has an amazing, fragrant and sweet aroma. **Aged nearly 2 years.**


Safflower, Viper, Pyrite, Dragon Bone, Clematis, Acanthopanax, Frankincense, Wingless Cockroach, Sappan Wood, Cnidium, Angelica Tails, Dispacus, Catechu, Cinnamon Twig, White Peony, Bur-Reed, Auklandia, Siler, Red Peony, Tinospora, White Angelica, Notopterygium, Bugleweed, Peach Kernel, Cinnamon Bark, Akebia, Tricosanthes.


For EXTERNAL use only.  Do NOT apply to open wounds or cuts, scrapes, broken skin, eyes or mouth at any time.

Customer Reviews

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David Reagan
ku yu cheong

Excellent jow! Pleasant aroma, feel good texture and quick results minimizing trauma. Try it!!!

Clifford Russell
Favorite Dit Da Jow

I have used most all available Dit Da Jows. Ky Yu Cheong Dit Da Jow is my favorite for training and injuries.

Sifu Clifford Russell

Robert Schoon
Arthritis and body conditioning

I have been training since 2009 in Taiqi both empty hand and weapon forms. Lately I have been working more on body conditioning. With arthritis in both thumbs I had been using Ancestors Jow, but with the intensity of joint locks, arm bangs, and light sparring I needed something that helped me overall. I tried several versions until Ku Yu Cheong Iron Palm Formula. It has been helping me keep up with my training while also managing my arthritis. As a matter of fact, I am currently making my own batch, along with Ho Family for use at our training facility.
Thanks for making such a good product.

Artack Boroyan

Dit Da Jow | Ku Yu Cheong Iron Palm Formula

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