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Long Yan Rou (Longan Fruit)


Chinese Herb Long Yan Rou (Longan Fruit)

Other Names:

Long Yan Rou herb, Longan Fruit, Euphorbia, Dragons Eye, Euphoria longan; Longan Arillus 龙眼肉 (桂圓肉)


Sweet, Warm

Channels Entered:

Heart, Spleen


Tonify Blood, Replenishes Appetite, Enhances Spirit

Other Information:

The tropical tree Dimocarpus longan produces Longan Fruit (Long Yan Rou) which is similar to lychee and rambutan. This tree is native to both China and tropical Asia and can grow to be over 100 feet tall. 

For those with symptoms of insomnia, forgetfulness, and other palpitations that may be caused by Spleen or Heart Deficiency, the Long Yan Rou herb works well to tonify and nourish. It is most often taken alone as a tea to assist those who have symptoms from overwork and overthinking. 

Traditionally, the Long Yan Rou herb was used to treat food aversions and quiet emotions. In cases of long term use, it is believed that this herb prevents aging as well as sharpening intelligence. It can also be used to treat menopause and its relative symptoms. 

For those who are weak or still recovering, this herb can be added to porridge. It can also be combined with other foods and confections, but avoid excessive use because this can cause damage to the Spleen. 

While it is effective on its own, Long Yan Rou is sometimes combined with other herbs to aid effectiveness. When combined with Bai He, it combats insomnia and when combined with Huang Qi it is effective for palpitations as well as Blood and Qi deficiency. 

Some common household items that are often combined with Long Yan Rou are white sugar and grain-based liquor. White sugar helps this herb combat insufficient Blood and Qi and soaking Long Yan Rou in liquor can be used daily for deficiencies with Cold that are often the product of Yang Deficiency. 

There are many contradictions of the Long Yan Rou herb, some of which are Phlegm-Fire, Qi Stagnation, Middle Jiao dampness, nausea, or vomiting. 

In comparison to Da Zao, Long Yan Rou is better at tonifying Blood than Qi and enhancing spirit/emotions while Da Zaho is best for moderating the effects of the other herbs while also preventing injury to the Spleen. 

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