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Ma Bian Cao (Verbena)


Ma Bian Ca (Verbena)

Verbena Officinalis; Verbenae Herba

Ma Bian Cao, or European Verbena, has appeared in various herbalist notes for over 1,500 years. As a blood-invigorating herb, Ma Bian Cao aids the body in increasing blood circulation to disperse stagnation of blood and fluids from traumatic injury, joint soreness, and pain. Ma Bian Cao is versatile because it is cool and can help clear heat from the swelling brought forth by injury.

Ma Bian Cao is bitter and cool in energy and acts upon the Liver and Spleen meridians.


Bitter, cool

Channels Entered

Liver, Spleen

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Kayce S. Berry, Monarch
Life-Saving Herbs

It is a rare but joyful thing to find a pound of carefully grown and harvested herbs that includes leaves AND stems. Truly the entire plant is necessary for healing the nerves, allowing the body to heal naturally (I’m allergic to opioids and verbena/vervain was essential in post-surgery recovery), reducing debris from the neuropathways, healing the spirit, and allowing one’s spiritual capabilities to come shining through! Though there was some miscommunication (mail delivery), it was NOT on behalf of Plum Dragon Herbs. Whatever issues were rectified IMMEDIATELY and I received much-needed, life-saving medicine quickly.

Thank you so much for all you do! I’ve got to place another order soon so be on the lookout for me! Vervain for the nerve pain INDEED!

All my love,
Kaycé S. Berry, Monarch 💎

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