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Mai Dong (Mai Men Dong, Ophiopogon)


Mai Dong (Ophiopogon)

Ophiopogon japonicus; Radix Ophiopogonis

 麦门冬 (麦冬), Mai Men Dong, Maidong, Tuber Ophiopogonis, Creeping Lily-Turf Root, Dwarf Lily-Turf Root, Tuber Ophiopogonis Japonica


Sweet, slightly bitter, cool

Channels Entered:

Spleen, Stomach, Heart, Lung


Tonify Yin, Constipation Relief, Antitussive, Antipyretic, Expectorant


The Ophiopogon herb is an herbaceous perennial plant of the Liliaceae, and Mai Dong is the root. The Mai Men Dong herb grows natively in Japan, India, Vietnam, and China. It produces small, white to light purple flowers and is an ornamental plant used for groundcover.

Mai Men Dong is often combined with Tian Men Dong, Sang Ye, and Xuan Shen. Opiogonis Tuber helps with symptoms of coughing, dry throat and mouth, and inability to get rid of phlegm. As well as symptoms associated with insufficient Stomach Yin, such as dryness and irritability. It’s best not to use Creeping Lily in situations of Middle Jiao Deficiency. Sometimes Liriope spicata is used as a substitute. It is harvested in autumn and spring and then dried.


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Parker Shutey
💯🖤 Mai Men Dong

Ophiopogon Phyre Water. 🔥🎆👨‍🚒🎇💦💧🌊💯🖤.

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